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Great deals in M&S

marks-and-spencers-logoMy dad sent us details of the offers in Marks and Spencer today. He picked up some great food for a small New Years Day party. Pick any three of the items below, plus a bottle of wine, for €12.50. Individual prices are shown in brackets – this is a good bargain. They included:

  • 50 piece party selection (€7.49)
  • 12 mini smoked cheese bagels (€7.49)
  • 12 Oriental vegetable selection (€5.99)
  • 115g Italian antipasti selection (€5.99)
  • 8 mini salmon en croute (€7.49)

Some of the cheaper items, such as cocktail sausages, are priced from €4-5. There are really good savings to be made here: over €16, for example, on three packs of salmon en croute.
Have you noticed any good deals in M&S lately?


  1. Maris Pipers are also 1/2 price – 1.30 a bag!

    The ‘party in’ deal also includes Cheese selections and chocolates as options – i noted that there was juice for the abstenious if you did not want wine or cava. Maybe back tomorrow for more! Many of these items freeze.

  2. There are also “3 for 2” offers on party food in Dunnes