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Gourmet Burger Co, Ranelagh

The controversy about the pricing of gourmet burgers rages on, if only inside my own head.

gourmet-burger-coA friend and I had dinner in the Gourmet Burger Co in Ranelagh on Sunday evening, and while the food was good it struck me as a little overpriced.  The cheapest burger was around €10, and the chicken burgers were all €12 and upwards.  My friend had a cheeseburger which she confirmed was very good, and my piri-piri chicken burger was also very tasty, but our bill came to €36 for two burgers, two beers and one portion of chips.

A sample of the menu at the Gourmet Burger Co

A sample of the menu at the Gourmet Burger Co

I’m wondering, however, if I’m being unreasonable to the gourmet burger places?  I wouldn’t question paying €12 for a pasta dish with chicken, and they probably don’t cost much more to assemble either (although at least you’re not charged extra for the spaghetti!).  When I asked Peter what he thought, he said he thinks there’s no way burgers should cost so much.  What do you think?

That’ll be the last gourmet burger for me for a while…after all the Christmas food, I really need to switch to vegetables and miso soup or I’ll have some kind of heart episode.


  1. There’s a similar burger chain here in London called Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Their burgers typically cost between £6-8. With the exchange rate now almost 1:1, you’re being ripped off.

  2. ‘Gourmet’ and ‘Burger’ are still two words that I would have never conceived of putting together. The recent trend in posh burger joints is completely ridiculous. Mince meat can’t be posh. And if you put something else between two pieces of bread, it automatically becomes a sandwich.
    Still I have eaten in a few of these places and I would testify that Eddie Rockets still beats them all. Not because of their total lack of regard for style or status, but because of their big fat beef patties.

  3. I had the piri piri chicken thing in there the other day too and, yes, I thought it was over-priced. It’s grand but I mean, really, it’s a chicken breast, a bread roll and some spices. It probably costs no more than a quid or two to make. The service was pretty good in there but it’s no Joburger (also probably overpriced but, c’mon, the beano annuals!).

  4. Hi Colm B, thanks for your comment. The Gourmet Burger Kitchen have opened in Dublin as well, they have a branch in Temple Bar and more to follow I believe.

    I reviewed them here a short while ago:

    You’re spot on about the exchange rate, there’s quite a difference even allowing for higher operating costs in Ireland.

    JuniorBox, I’m leaning towards your way of thinking on the gourmet burger phenomenon. Although I can’t really agree about Eddie Rockets…the burgers are ok but the horrible music, hideous decor, revolting chips and depressed staff make it something of an unattractive experience for me. 🙂 I do like the malted milkshakes though.

  5. I have eaten in the Ranelagh Gourmet Burger Co as I work nearby, although I agree the prices seem high on first glance for a burger, it is a half pound organic beef burger and the chicken is free range to the best of my knowledge, which is often not the case in many restaurants.

    I bought 1 free range chicken breast in supervalue for €6 the other day so it would appear that the prices they charge are not excessive when you are getting a higher quality meat and it made up and served.

    €36 for 2 half pound burgers, chips and 2 beers seems ok to me, a plate of pasta with some unidetified meatstuffs and a glass of wine is about the same price.

  6. PS. I was sent a 2 for 1 offer last week from these guys as I had filled in a comment card, maybe email them see if the offer is still going!

  7. I come with a bias – as a born American who has lived in Ireland for a very long time, it was great to find somewhere offering a serious quality hamburger! When the hamburger arrived in Ireland it must have had a sign on it that said it had to be junk food. A few places made some effort (Captain America’s, Bad Ass, then later Eddie Rockets) but for ages it has been a sorry thing made of rubbish meat, cooked badly and eaten standing up after a feed of pints. Gourmet Burger is the real deal, wonderful variations put together with care.

  8. I prefer counter burger in Dundrum – burgers are 8.95 and the chicken wings are delish, topped only by tribeca.

    You can build your own burger too, I had chicken with grilled pineapple, dried cranberries and other lovelies….

  9. I loved gourmet burger co when I went there last week my burger was €8.95 and had a massive bowl of chicken wings to share for €9.95. I come here most weeks with my GF and we both think its great value, better than Tribeca we think.

  10. A friend of mine took me to a place in Terenure about a month ago called Delicate Essence. Whenever I’m unsure of a place I usually order the burger, I use it as a kind of bench mark dish. I loved it, tasted like something I’d make at home. I was even happier when the bill arrived, cost me €8.95. Worth a look for sure. I’m hungry, must dash.

  11. The burgers here are of good quality I thought, just a bit over cooked hence the patties were drier.. all good! See my review 🙂

  12. Try Joel’s Double with extra pepper sauce for the real deal…
    Joel’s forever!

  13. Lisa, you should try the wings in Gourmet burger in ranelagh. the original new york sauce is pretty much the same as tribeca(who uses franks hot sauce, found in most supermarkets and used in most pubs) , with the exception that in tribeca, they’ve only been dipped in the sauce for a matter of seconds, served borderline dry(in my experience), as opposed to dripping in it like gourmet burger.
    the burgers are huge, and a meal in them selves. there is no need for chips which is my hunch that they are not needed. the enviroment is soft on the eyes and comfortable, which goes a long way if your taking someone out, or want to relax. i know i wouldnt get the same kind of brownie points bringing someone to an eddie rockets, captain americas, or a TGI friday’s.
    i’d probably been considered a cheapscate.

    Gourmet Burger Company is not a fast food resaurant, or a diner, or a burger joint. its a restaurant. and saying that is not a way to side step the price issue.
    they have as many deals as the next place. buy one get one free burgers mon to wed. 20% vouchers thurs to fri. buy one get one free wings on weekends.
    and they take competitors vouchers. you see that all on their website.
    although, i dont see anyone commenting on any of the GOURMET burgers from here. only the old classics (cheese burgers) or burgers over done by other franchise fads (piri piri chicken).
    why not try the vegas? rocket, roast peppers, parmesan, ceaser dressing… or the sunblushed? spinach, pesto mayonaise, semi sun dried tomatoes… THE FLAMENCO!? choriso, olive tepanade, spinach?
    needless to say im a fan, i do eat there on the occasion and try to have something different each time.
    if your going out for a burger. goto mc donalds, burger king, eddie rockets, tgi fridays, you know the rest..
    if your looking for some easy food and a taste experience. try gourmet burger.
    hell, download a voucher, go on a monday, tuesday, or a wednesday and your bill might come to €24 for two burgers, two beers and one portion of chips.
    thats not bad, right?