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More Party Food Offers: Tesco and Dunnes

tescoirelandI’ve never been won over by Tesco’s own brand ready meals. They’re usually a worrying colour and, more often than not, have a surplus of ingredients.

Their bitesize party selection is a lot better. Like M&S and Dunnes, they also have a number of offers at the moment. Individual prices are shown in brackets. They include:

  • Tesco 18 Finest Indian Selection – 2 for €8 (€5.35 each)
  • Tesco 12 Mini Vol au Vent selection – 2 for €8 (€4.99 each)
  • Tesco Finest 10 Brie and Cranberry Filo Parcel 2 for €10 (€6.45 each)

perfect-party-12-mini-quiche-selection-broccoliCompare this with the 2 for 3 party food offers in Dunnes. There are over 30 different ranges of fresh foods on special, with the cheapest item free, including:

  • Perfect Party 12 Mini Vol au Vents €5.49
  • Chilled Perfect Party 40 Cocktail Sausage Rolls €3.99
  • Chilled Perfect Party Chicken Skewers €10.99
  • Chilled Perfect Party Indian Selection €5.99
  • Chilled Perfect Party Chinese Selection €6.99
  • Chilled Perfect Party Crostinis €2.99

Also at Dunnes, there is a 2 for €5 offer on a selected range of frozen party foods. Once again, I’ve shown the individual prices in brackets. They include:

  • Frozen Perfect Party Thai Snacks Selection (€3.49)
  • Frozen Perfect Party Mini Duck Spring Rolls (€3.49)
  • Frozen Perfect Party Jalapeno Cheese Bites (€3.49)

I’ll be ignoring Tesco’s puny offerings. Although the Dunnes selection is very good quality and represents much better value than Tesco, the best overall deal is probably in Marks and Spencer, where you can also pick up some wine with your selection of 3 party foods for €12.50.

Supermarkets are clearly trying to draw in the crowds with seasonally relevant offers, no doubt in the hope you’ll pick up some extras. What deals have grabbed your attention lately?


  1. Do not buy tescos frozen cocktail sausages. A party of decidedly undiscriminating 11 year olds though them the yuckiest they’d ever had. And the grateful dog who got the leftovers was sick! These were the frozen party line that was on offer in December (and eaten then too, my comment late)

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