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Dinner for £1 in English pubs

pub lunchesPubs across England are offering very good meals for just £1, The Guardian reports. In an effort to stave off closure and drum up some business, local taverns are serving up decent dinners to price conscious diners.

Would such an idea help Irish pubs facing closure this year? Have you noticed any pubs offering great value food?


  1. Some friends & had an evening meal in Green 19 on Camden St recently. Great food, nice design, and every main course is €10. Nice exactly £1, but cheap all the same! I’ll be heading back there.

  2. Wow – £1 a meal – thats crazy.

    It can’t even get close to covering the cost of the ingredients, never mind the wages of the staff.

    My own experience is that special offers get people through the door whilst the offer is on, but very little ‘loyalty’ carries over once the offer ends.