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Poor Man’s Sausages from The Daily Spud

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The great potato recipe blog The Daily Spud has a really interesting recipe for Glamorgan Sausages, also known as Poor Man’s Sausages.  They were popular during WWII as a meatless alternative to sausages…they’re basically a tasty mixture of herbs, breadcrumbs and polenta.

They sound like a great vegetarian alternative to pork sausages, certainly better than Quorn sausages, which are uniquely revolting.  I still have a box in my freezer, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can make them palatable?


  1. Fry them on a griddle pan covered in a sweet chili sauce of similar chop them up and put into a salad or something? I think I tried that before and it was…. ok. Stick to the linda mccartney ones – far more versatile.

  2. First off, thanks a mill’ for featuring my sausages – much appreciated.

    I definitely agree that, when it comes to shop-bought veggie sausages, the linda mccartney ones have got more flavour going for them. You could try using your quorn sausages chopped up and cooked in some kind of sausage stew – I used to make a peperonata pasta sauce (basically stewed red peppers, onions and tomatoes) which had some chorizo thrown in at the end – you could throw in some chopped and fried quorn sausages instead.

  3. In my experience the best way to make quorn sausages palatable is by using them to block small holes in dams. They serve no purpose other than to fill gaps in your gulliver. Any vegetarian food which is designed to taste like meat, other than glamorgan sausages and other such foods borne out of necessity, usually taste weird and feel wrong.

  4. Thanks for all the excellent suggestions folks!

    I think I will split my box of Quorn sausages and make a sweet chilli starter, a small sausage stew and then use the remainders to draft-proof the back door 🙂