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Offers from PizzaHut

pizza-hut-logoNot a huge Pizza Hut fan myself, but for those of you who are that way inclined, there are printable vouchers available here.   They do have some pretty decent offers, such as €10 off orders over €30.

[Via the bargains thread]

Edited to add: I’ve been told this link isn’t working for some people. I just tested it and it opens for me, although it is very slow.  If you want the vouchers, you could try right-clicking on the link above and choosing ‘Save Link As…’ to download it directly to your computer.

One Comment

  1. Pizza Hut staff Malahide lied to me when I ring asking where is my delivery..why lie it just means you are incompetent at your job..why do delivery when you are notg capable..terribly annoying..I am still sitting waiting after forty minutes and three phone calls..never again and will publish this in every blog..I hate to be lied to try to learn the lesson because we are a customer of Pizza Hut it does not mean we have no brain cells at all..never again