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Special Offer at Milano Pizza Restaurants

Image from www.sxc.huThe bargains thread on mentions an intriguing offer from the Milano pizza chain – two for one on meals with the most expensive meal free.  Also, there is no limit on the number of vouchers used per table – a group of eight could go and get four meals free.

We’ve written about Milano here before; they’re not the world’s most exciting Italian restaurants, but the food is reliably good, and their kid’s menu is excellent.  This seems like a genuinely good deal – if you go and partake of the offer, let us know how it works out.

The offer lasts till January 29th and the vouchers can be downloaded and printed here.


  1. I enquired at my local Milano (Galway) as to whether they were accepting this voucher and was told that they weren’t as it was specifically for Pizza Express.

  2. That’s strange Marcia – the person on who mentioned the offer said they used it in Milanos in Galway.

    I would try again, maybe speak to the manager and let them know the situation. Milano is part of the Pizza Express chain, and the voucher doesn’t say anything about it being UK only.