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Shop Review: The Spice of Life, Moore St

Spice of LifeThe Spice of Life is a small halal shop on Moore St, but like most halal shops they’ve managed to squeeze it chock full of food and it has a huge selection of ethnic ingredients.

There’s a great choice of spices in bags, sauces, condiments and canned goods such as pulses; all at very low prices. They also sell fresh fruit and veg and halal meat. Spice of Life would be a great place to stock up on store cupboard staples. I bought some chilli sauce and some sambar rice, which I’ve never tried before.

Best Bargain

Brown Basmati RiceA 2kg bag of Brown Basmati Rice for €6.99 (so around €3.50 a kilo). My local shop charges €2.95 for a small 500g bag, so this is a really good price. Brown basmati is great; tastier and lighter than standard brown rice, and healtheir than plain white.


  1. Yup, I patronised this shop two times last year..just to share with you the prices to the items I bought there:

    i. Halal Spicy salami beef is Eur2.49 for 1 kg (though the price tag shows Sterling Pound 99p!!)

    ii. Ground coriander and ground cumin Eur 1.70 for around 700 g bag

    iii. Halal chicken sausages, per pack is Eur 3.40 for 10 pieces.

  2. assalamu 3alaykom , peace b upon u all , as a consumer i’m here 2 express my disgust @ many Muslim business owner who r using shameful tricks 2 make many extra pennys , such as sellin product with cheap English prices @ a very expensive euro deals, or expired products used by dates @ a cheap bargain prices , or expensive halal meat compare to the meat in the regular shop such as dunnes or tesco…… actually the one in moore street is my favorite shop but if u ask me 4 my advice i will tell u stay away from the 1 in mary street

  3. I disagree. i think the best shop in dublin with variety, cleaniness etc is shop easi or the one on mary street. we use these shops quirte alot for shopping for home. its worth the extra money as youknow your are buying quality. halal meat IS more expensive to buy then haram so the shops sell it for me which is right. do you not think so if you were in this position?

  4. Aslam, I think the Halal shop on mary street is one of the leading halal shops in Ireland. They have a large range of food products and a very good service. i will always shop there i have shopped at other shops but it is not the same as the asian food co. on mary street. To the muslim person who commented on sterling prices being cheaper i agree but dont blame the business owners its the government in uk prices are cheap here to do business is expensive, allahaffiz

  5. [removed for being a completely off-topic inflammatory ramble about religion]

  6. You do know this is a food blog – not a platform for prejudice??????