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  1. I am surprised to see KinKhao (Thai in Athlone) being mentioned here.. probably it is just me.
    I didn’t think their food is that food. Baan Thai in Dublin would be more authentic than KinKhao.
    I had a party of over 15 there before. Service was slow but staffs were nice. For e.g. seafood salad we ordered was of few big prawns and a few calamari rings (rubbery) and mussels. It costed Eur 18 for salad..? All I tasted was saltiness, msg, lots of fish sauce, soy sauce..
    The rest of the dishes were mediocre and not authentic at all.Felt like I was in Chinese restaurant..
    Anyway, Cornucopia is fantastic as ever!!

  2. Davy Byrne’s isn’t great anymore. I ate there recently and wouldn’t again.

  3. I’ve eaten in Kinkhao many times and thought the food was great. It was good value too. Also, had lunch in Nando’s on a shopping trip to Belfast a few months ago and was really impressed.

  4. For pub food, Ryan’s of Parkgate St, near Heuston Station, does very good bangers and mash and other pub grub. It has a lovely old interior and the staff are really good.