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More on the Milano Two for One Offer

One of our readers mentioned that they were told in Milano Galway that the current Two for One vouchers weren’t eligible in Ireland. However, we contacted Pizza Express (the UK based chain that owns the Milano restaurants) and their Irish country manager had the following to say:

Pizza Express is a related but quite separate UK based company which has its own Marketing Strategy and set of promotional activity.

That said we always, where possible, try to honour Pizza Express promotional vouchers etc subject to the same conditions applicable to the promotion. Some of their promotions (especially price specific, area specific or product specific) are not always possible to accept. Other promotions are in conjunction with third parties and for various reasons it is not possible to accept these.

Most 2-4-1 type promotions fall into the YES WE CAN DO category and we are happy to treat these in the same way in Milano as in Pizza Express when presented at the restaurant. The specific one on your website is one which our restaurants would accept when presented.

As Pizza Express do a multitude of promotions it is difficult for Milano restaurants to keep pace with what they are offering and to always know in advance specifically which offering can be accepted.

So there you go! If you plan to avail of this offer, it might be worth calling your local Milano in advance to make sure that they know about it.

The nice chap from Milano also told me about some more offers that they’re running:

  • From tomorrow until March, they’re offering a €12.50 set lunch – pizza, pasta or salad with a glass of wine. See the set menu here.
  • They will also be running a Two for One offer with the Irish edition of The Sunday Times in February.

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  1. I used the voucher in Milano’s in Dundrumk SC yesterday with no problems.