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Aldi Rings in Chinese New Year

AldiThere’ll be a lot about Chinese New Year on CheapEats this week.

This coming Thursday, Aldi will have a number of great products to match Lidl’s Chinese New Promotion, including:

  • Asian Cooking Oils – €1.69
  • SnackRite Prawn/ Spicy Crackers – €0.99
  • Coconut Milk – €0.69
  • Asia Specialties Stir-fry sauce – €0.89
  • Fortune Cookies – €1.99

Not special offers as such, but definitely good value. For full details, see here. Price- wise, there’s little or no difference when matched against Lidl’s Asian range. Aldi are also selling bamboo placemats for €4.99 per pack, rice cookers for €19.99, and woks at €14.99 and €39.99.


  1. 69 cents is cheap for coconut milk. But as a long time Thai cooker I find milk can be really hit and miss. And its not the price that determines whether it’ll be good or not. Sometimes coco milk can be almost syrupy, which is totally gross. I find the Thai Gold stuff is like that, even though its organic and all that other nonsense. The best for me is chao koh, available in all asian markets, and less than a euro. Now Im not Thai but I do like a bit of ladyboy action so I think that qualifies me as a milk critic.

  2. Has anyone got a recipe for a filling for merangue or pavlova in which coconut milk is blended with the cream and then the tropical fruit (mangoes, lychees) etc are added. Think I saw one in the Aldi mag when the Chinese New Year offers were on but have mislaid same and would be grateful for any recipe where I can incorportate the above, Thanks.