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Chinese New Year Offers at Lidl


Dunnes, Superquinn, M&S and now Lidl.

It’s Chinese New Year, and this German discounter seems like one of the cheapest places to stock up on soy sauce, coconut milk, curry pastes, cooking sauces, and Chinese ready meals. Although Aldi may have offers in and around the same price, Lidl’s Asian range is cheaper than the Oriental Food Emporium and all the other big supermarkets. These are just some of Lidl’s great prices:

  • Soy Sauce – €1.29
  • Prawn Crackers – €1.29
  • Thai Curry Paste – €0.99
  • Asian Cooking Oils – €1.69
  • Asian Ready Meals – €1.99
  • Asian Cooking Sauces – €0.69
  • Sweet and Spicy Sauces – €0.99

For full details check out their web page here. They seem to have a relatively extensive range, easily beating some of the smaller Tesco and Dunnes stores. But I’d be interested to hear from readers whether Lidl’s ready-meals, sauces, and Oriental snack range taste good.

The celebration of Chinese New Year is now an established custom in Ireland, and the supermarkets have been quick to spot an opportunity. I wonder if they’ll play a part in the future growth of this festival in Ireland, becoming Hallmark to its Valentine?

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