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Frozen Food on special offer at SuperValu

SuperValu logoThanks to our reader Susie who tipped us off about frozen food half-price offers in SuperValu. I was just in the branch on Aston Quay at lunchtime (it’s my most frequented lunchtime shopping stop) and they had the following on offer in their frozen food section:

  • Ross Fish Cakes – were €2.69, now €1.34
  • Birdseye Seaside Specials (2 battered fish fillets) – were €3.59 now €1.79
  • San Marco Deep Pan Pizzas – were €3.79 now €1.89
  • Ocean Harvest Lemon & Herb/ Garlic & Herb Cod Portions – were €5.98 now €2.99

It’s all fairly processed stuff, but good reductions nonetheless.

However, I think SuperValu pulled a slightly fast one on me today – I bought a very simple garden salad bag that had a half price sticker on it, but noticed after I left the shop that I had been charged the full displayed price for it.  A closer look at the label and I saw the small print that said ‘price displayed includes reduction’.  The price displayed was €2.19…do they seriously normally charge €4.38 for a bag of lettuce and grated carrot? I hate this kind of thing.

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