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Restaurant Review: Bodega, Dun Laoghaire

BodegaI went for a walk in Dun Laoghaire a couple of days after Christmas in a vain effort to make up for about two weeks of gluttony and incipient alcoholism and followed it up with a doubt-ridden trip to the Bodega, doubt-ridden because I’d read it wasn’t that great. And not great it proved to be. Pretty terrible actually.

It’s not that my food was bad. In fact, I had rather nice lemon sole goujons, but €14.50 for what was ostensibly a light bite is a joke.

And – in the context of half the things we originally ordered mysteriously not being available – repeatedly being regaled with stories of kitchen inefficiencies by the waiter (seriously!) is bordering on the ludicrous. Also, from the looks and sounds of things, I was lucky with what I got because some of the people sharing this painful experience had dreadful burgers and nachos. And we had to ask for the air conditioning to be turned off three times, finally using the two babies in our party as emotional blackmail in order to get our way (“Please, for the children…”).

Oh, and when we asked for extra ketchup they pretty much refused to bring it, which, for someone who nearly likes condiments more than the food they accompany, I see as, at the very least, a venal sin. I could go on an on. In true Irish tradition, I grumbled at the time and now, 400 years later, the searing heat of my anger would do the job on a nice rare steak.


  1. I agree, I was there also a little while ago and was most dissatisfied. I ordered some chicken wings which tasted more then a little disconcertingly odd. The 3 other people I was dining with also agreed that there was a problem with them. Upon making complaints, we were informed that there was no problem with their food and they were not willing to drop them from the bill despite them being inedible but we could have free coffee at the end of the mean which would have probably been more expensive that the cost of the wings which made no sense. The rest of the food wasn’t particularly appetizing either and was conciderably over priced. I wouldn’t considering eating there again.

  2. The company that runs this place went into liquidation today…a cautionary tale to restaurants perhaps that they are going to have to provide a good service and offer good value if they’re going to survive this recession.

  3. Hi there, there is yet some place where some good food for real value is served, i was last sunday in dalkey and with 15 euros i had a nice boullabaise soup and beautifull..testfull… lamb kebab but ….real lamb meat and honestly my opinion… i woul go back in that place instead to waste money in somewhere else