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Cafe Mao Reduced Price Menu

mao-2009menuI passed by Cafe Mao on Chatham St, Dublin 2 the other night and saw a notice in their window advertising a reduced price menu for 2009.  The reductions include:

  • New lunch menu from €8.95
  • Soup/wrap combo €8.95
  • 10 main courses under €9.95
  • Any 2 course lunch €12.95
  • Any starter and main course for €18.95

I’ve always found the food in Mao to be really good, despite their idiotic dictator-chic design theme.  They have branches in Dun Laoghaire, Chatham St and Dundrum.


  1. I think that MAO has a cool urban reputation that blinds people when it comes to their bad food and service.

  2. Seems reasonable to me, never had any complaints about their food

  3. The review by “jean” is really very suspicious. Does “Jean work for Cafe Mao? I mean look at it! Very in your face sales.

    Cafe Mao. I have been to Chatham St and Dun Laoghaire. Rest assured, “we dont get fooled again!” I dont believe in third time lucky with restaurants. They had their chance with me and blew it wholesale.

    Price reductions this blatent scream panic and/or trouble in the kitchen. Quality and service has to be compromised at some level and it most certainly is, like I said, “we dont get fooled again”

  4. Look at the layout and content of Jeans review. I definitely smell horse manure!

    It is most pungent.

  5. Roger, if these comments are real and not a joke, you’re being ridiculous. This is clearly not a review, but a notice about some offers that were going on. Have you taken a minute to look at the rest of this site? If so you’ll have seen that we list offers by many restaurants, and that we also give full disclosure of our names and professions. And if I worked for Cafe Mao (which I don’t, obviously!) would I describe their design theme as ‘idiotic’?

    I’ve always had good experiences with the food there, the case may be different for you and that’s fine. You’re entitled to express your opinion of the restaurant here, and we welcome the feedback from readers, but please don’t accuse me of being a shill for them or anyone else. You couldn’t be more wrong.

  6. Wanted to bring my family for mothers day lunch in Mao Dun Laoghaire. When I walked in the place was filthy. Dirty tables everywhere. Food all over the floor..told the girl that we wouldn’t take the table because if the front of house is that filthy that I didn’t trust the hygiene in the kitchen. She didn’t seem at all bothered at loosing customers & had nothing to say in response just shrugged shoulders! Won’t be returning