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Brasserie 66’s Incredible Disappearing Deal

In our readers recommend post yesterday, we mentioned a special offer from Brasserie 66 on Georges’ St.  However! Another reader contacted us today to say that they tried to avail of the offer yesterday:

We knocked in [to Brasserie 66] yesterday evening when we were around town looking for cheap eats, attracted by the huge full window-sized sign filling the right window saying 2-for-1 applied evenings Monday through Thursday. When we asked inside though the waitress told us that it wasn’t on that night, and basically depended on the whims of the owner – some nights he’d tell staff to apply the offer, otherwise it didn’t apply. Wasn’t even clear if you could find out if you rang to book, basically just have to turn up and ask on the night. The waitress said that if the offer was on any particular evening there’d be a clap-board sign parked outside the restaurant announcing it, and she would also send us telepathic signals. Not sure about the telepathy but the clap-board sign is worth looking out for.

So despite the fact that Brasserie 66 have a huge sign advertising the deal in their window, the deal only applies if there is also a clapboard outside on the street, and maybe ‘REDRUM’ written on your bedroom wall? This is, quite frankly, complete rubbish.

My theory is that they’re counting on the innate politeness and conflict-averse nature of Irish restaurant customers – once people are in the door, they might be embarrassed to turn on their heels and walk out when they realise they’ve been misled.  I say bollocks to that – walk out!  This is false advertising, and is a generally crummy way to treat your customers. Boo.


  1. Personally deal or no deal (!!) I wouldn’t recommend B 66 have heard nothing but bad reports about the place and went there for sunday brunch in December and it was awful, bad service, cold food, over priced just basically the worst meal and experience I have had in Dublin in many months!

  2. I ate there when it first opened – average, overpriced food, and really poor service.

    Thought I’d give a second chance about a year later but left after half an hour when the waitress still hadn’t taken our order. Never again.

  3. thats nuts cos have a printable voucher for that offer on their site.

  4. Here are the terms and conditions on the voucher:

    Free main course when you buy one main course at Brasserie Sixty6 66-67 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2. Valid from 02/01/2009 – 28/02/2009, Sunday to Thursday evenings. Not valid on Friday and Saturday night. Valid only for 2 main courses. Not valid for lunch menu, sandwiches, starters, desserts, side orders, shared plates, early bird. Does not include drinks or services. Not valid with any other promotion. No cash alternative. Please quote this offer when booking. For bookings call 01 4005878.

  5. on a lighter note i took advantage of milanos two for one offer on wed night … it was great!

  6. Ditto on the poor experience with Sixty6 – inflated prices and poor service are the order of the day. They also wanted a tenner deposit on a Christmas booking for a table of four. No thanks.

  7. A tenner per head, that is! 🙂

  8. More bad experiences here. First went when it was only open a couple of weeks and had a terrible time (the eggs in the Creme Brulle dessert were practically scrambled). Went a few months later, determined to give them another chance now that they were on their feet. Same again, poor food, very pricey. The last time was a group dinner for a friend’s birthday. None of us seemed to eat or drink that much but the bill was astronomical.


  9. Wow, I’ve obviously been lucky – I’ve eaten there twice, had the rotisserie chicken both times and it was really good. Clearly they’re the kind of place that only does one thing well.
    Regardless of the deliciousness of their chicken, this kind of behaviour is pure nonsense and I won’t be going there again.

  10. Ah Ireland’s blogging community have an ‘interesting’ relationship with Brasserie66.

    Watch out for complimentary comments from the same IP addresses in the next few days! Taps finger against nose 🙂

  11. I used to feel ambivalent about 66 having had some good meals and some bad meals there but having heard reports from former staff about the way both it and soho are run I’ll never eat in either again. Not that they are hazardous or violating any more health codes than other restaurants; I just really don’t like either restaurant.

  12. Just happened on your site by accident and coincidentally had dinner in 66 this evening. After availing of their freebies I felt the need to defend them!! Offer is valid on Sundays as well it seems. Had ribeye and lambsteak and both were delicious, only saw the poster as we passed and asked at the front desk before we were seated. There was no hesitation or hassle. It was busy while we were there, lots of others availing of the offer as well. Had a nice glass of white, great selection by the glass. Didn’t have dessert or coffee so it was really inexpensive, I almost felt mean but there is a recession! You must have met a grumpy waitress God knows everywhere has one but maybe call the restaurant to clarify the offer details.

  13. Sixty6 is a desperate place – avoid. Food’s awful, they treat their staff abominably, and the text spam you if you leave your mobile number with your reservation. I have had the Data Protection people on to them re the latter.

  14. i completely agree! sixty6 is an awful place, the food isn’t anything special, the place is crammed with tables and the service has been very bad on the three occasions i have been – we were over-charged by a round of drinks on two of those evenings. The last time i was there (last year) we had booked a table for 8, when we arrived we were told the table wouldn’t be ready for 15 mins and would we like to take a seat in their bar and grab a drink…an hour and 15 mins later and 4 glasses of very expensive wine (cheapest glass was 7 euros), we were shown to our cramped table with little appology – i have heard similar stories from friends – AVOID!!!!

  15. Ouch a whole lot of bad experiences in Sixty6! I have to say I had a really pleasant meal there on Tuesday. Myself and 3 friends were lured in by the big flashy sign of a free main course. We all availed of the deal and it worked out at seven euro for really tasty bangers and mash, not bad!

  16. I was in 66 a year a go and thought it was an overpriced joke. But since that 2-4-1 deal came out I have been there twice and am going again tonight. Skip the overpriced starters and you can have two mains, split a dessert and have two coffees for under €40. At that price it is outstanding.

  17. I paid my first (and probably last) visit to ’66 a couple of weeks ago. Apart from the hugely disappointing food, we had to ask for the “early bird” menu. We were also given the bill without the “2-for-1” offer applied. They took the bill back immediately and gave us (party of 4) the discount, but it would have been nice not to be forced to ask for the discount emblazoned on their windows! There’s better value than this to be had in Dublin right now.

  18. I used to work at B66 while in college, and completely agree with all that has been said. Without wanting to sound too bitter (I was fired for not being able to work one weekend due to impending exams, the cheek of me!) the attitude towards customers is terrible, the people who run it have the mentality of ‘pack em in and rip em off’. The food is alright but not for the price, service and general B.S that you are expected to put up with.
    I doubt this restaurant will weather the recession.

  19. Had a meal there last night. The fish dish I had was shocking (except the chips). I’ve had stomach cramps all day – can’t say it was the food, of course, but I’m suspicious.

    Never again.

  20. Heya Alan
    given you used to work there do you have any idea how they make their sherry vinigrette? long shot i know but worth a try!

  21. I was in here on Friday night with 7 friends, the place was buzzing, great atmosphere and we were given the main menu with a pre-theatre menu, 2 courses at €21.90…and a 3 course menu for €33. Great selection and the food was amazing. Definetely be back with my partner again and for my work party! 🙂

  22. I was staying in Brooks hotel on Georges Street and found an advert for this place. Free Dessert with mains when you show flyer. Checked it out and I got my free dessert which was lovely! The food was delish also but im a dessert person mainly lol 🙂

    When they gave me my bill…they gave me a voucher for some free wine on my next visit…place seems to have few offers on nowadays!

  23. I got a free starter and a free glass of wine in brasserie sixty6 tonight! They must be doing a few new promotions by the looks of things here. we got this voucher on pigsback so its seems the new promotion for this month which is very reasonable. They took it no problem and gave us another voucher for more wine when we left. :0 happy days…

    heres where i got my voucher…may as well spread the joy

  24. We met a group of friends for dinner at 66 on Friday night. Everyone was delighted with their meals. The rib eye steaks were perfect. They surprised us with gorgeous prosecco for all. The service was attentive and friendly.
    I don’t think you could have asked for a more perfect night out. Highly recommended!!