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Restaurant Review: Green Nineteen, Camden St.

Image from Green19.ieEvery Wednesday evening, I drag myself up from hibernation in Wicklow to attend a class near Camden St. This is a pretty cool street, with its own style and personality, one-off shops, and good bargains. It’s also probably Dublin’s best drinking spot.

However, it’s always been somewhat of a culinary wasteland, with its eateries mostly consisting of Eddie Rockets, pub food in Solas, and a few burger/ takeaway joints.

Until now. Recently, I’ve discovered a few wonderful places around this neck of the woods. Green Nineteen beside Anseo pub on Camden St. has been open for a few months, and it  seems have tapped into the current zeitgeist. It has a simple, great value menu consisting of old favourites, and all mains cost €10. I’ve eaten there twice now and it’s very good value – for a tenner.

I’ve sampled the Corned Beef with Cabbage and Mash, which was deliciously tender and salted to perfection. The mash was creamy without that awful stodgy milkiness you often get, and the cabbage had just the right amount of bite. I thought that the Fish and Chips were a wee bit disappointing, with way too much batter and very little fish. But that’s the problem with a restaurant like this: what do you expect for €10?

My friend Roisin had the Braised Lamb Chump with Winter Root Veg and praised the rich and vibrant flavours, as well as the quality of the meat.

On another occasion, Cat – who will soon be posting about cheap eats in Cork – had the Pot Roast Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables and Potatoes. She enjoyed the meal, but pointed out that it lacked a decent amount of gravy.

Normally she’d ask for more but, this time, was reluctant this time because it was so cheap. At this low price, are you entitled to ask for more? We Irish are just not used to this level of price and quality, so we’re all a bit unsure of what to do.

Service was really friendly but the place seemed to be understaffed. Then again, if you’re only paying €10 for a good main course, are you even entitled to service? I just don’t know the etiquette, it unsettles me.

I particularly like how their menu encourages patrons to steer clear of bottled water by pointing out that  tap water is free – good riddance to the days when you were made feel guilty for asking for this. More restaurants should follow suit. And I adore their Mojito ice-cream, even though it easily outshines the reasonably nice Apple Crumble and miserably dry Chocolate Brownie desserts that are completely unsuitable accompaniments.

On a visit just before Christmas, Roisin and I spent a good four hours there, drinking a bottle of red Temperanillo Rioja wine (€18)and two cocktails (€9 each). We left with a bill of €71 before tip, which we were both very happy with. Then again, we were hammered.

Green Nineteen also do a good value brunch: I haven’t had it myself but I hear it’s great. Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings for €10, Bacon or Sausage Sandwich for €4, Organic Muesli with Fruit for €4. You know, how much things should cost.

Green Nineteen is getting better each time I go. It’s about time Ireland had a place like this. In its first few months of existence, it has really laid down the gauntlet to other Irish restaurants to justify their often offensive prices.

If Green Nineteen can manage to thrive, there’s no more excuse for other places overcharging. I bet there’s a lot of overpriced, over-rated restaurants hoping its doors close permanently.

But don’t just take my word for it. Our lovely reader Ellen Ward told us:

I have been back a few times and tried the Portobello Mushrooms (€5 and very tasty), the Corned Beef and Mash (perfect winter food) and the Fish and Chips (surprisingly easy to screw up, but they did it proud). The menu is mercifully short, they make cocktails, and serve food late – I think we walked in at 10.30 and got freshly cooked meals. Mains cost €10 with sandwiches and starters around €5-€8 and everything I saw coming out of the kitchen looked very good.

Since opening the staff have remained very friendly, and while the portions may have shrunk slightly the quality is still good. After many less enjoyable Dublin restaurant  experiences, this place restored a little of my faith in eating out.


  1. I’ve been in a couple of times and really liked it. Had the corned beef (love the crinkley way the cabbage is presented) and their burgers are pretty damn good too. Oh, and those very large 9 quid Mojitos hit the spot!

    Agree re the uninspiring crumble.

  2. I was there for the first time last night (on foot of a friend’s recommendation) and will definitely go again. I had the chickpea stew which was hearty and filling (though it could have done with a good dollop of yoghurt as it was a little on the sweet side for my tastes). 2 friends who have eaten there have been a little underwhelmed by the fish and chips (same feeling on the batter to fish ratio), but I’ve had good reports on the other mains. Also liked the portobello mushroom starter and the mojito ice cream (though not together, obviously 🙂 ).

    The thing is, for the general buzz there and at the prices they’re charging, who’s going to complain?

  3. We had dinner in Green 19 on Friday Feb 20. We were late, 10pm, starving and they squeezed us in. Not the best table in the house, but when you are starving…! We had a selection of cheeses and Spanish meats with lovely salad and candied walnuts, to start. TService was great. The lamb stew is as everyone else has mentioned, hearty and good. chicken Caesar Salad was fine. Two cocktails and the bill was 50 euros. Not bad for a quick dinner.

  4. Just had dinner there this week for the first time and it was excellent. I had the Pot Roast Chicken and it was great comfort food. Another lovely thing was that they let us sample small scoops of the Mojito icecream for €1.50 each – none of us wanted a full dessert but really wanted to try the icecream, and it was delicious. I think all restaurants should offer the option of tiny desserts, it’s a great idea for those who are too full or have dieters guilt.

  5. It’s getting more difficult to book and I understand why!
    Last visit I had the best battered fish I can remember, served with their chips which look a bit weird and overdone but taste the business. That with good mayonnaise on the side and a small salad was superb value. The bill for four was €100 for four and included 2 puds and a bottle of wine plus two extra glasses and the tip.

  6. They’re popular alright! I finally managed to get a table last night after waiting for an hour only to be told that just one of the five things we ordered was available. The previous time I called in pretty early in the evening and they said they had more or less run out of food, but at least that was before we ordered. Is this a regular problem or am I just unlucky?

  7. I love green19, I went with some friends about two months ago(10 in total), we all tried different mains and i have to say each one was delicious!! This place is a real gem, its just a pity its so hard to get a table (tired yesterday they were booked out and already had a really long waiting list. PS: U have to walk in to add ur name on to the waiting list). With bottles of beer for €5 and bottles of wine starting at €10, you just can’t go wrong!!! 😀 The staff were also fantastic. We could do with a few more restaurants like this in Dublin.