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Win a Luxury Getaway for Two at Temple Spa

temple2Courtesy of the heavenly Temple Country Retreat and Spa near Moate in Co. Westmeath, has a fantastic prize to give away. Temple is a truly special, exclusive, intimate haven of peace, relaxation and harmony – and their food kicks ass to boot! They’ve got some excellent value deals at the moment, and we’re delighted to team up with them.


Valentines Overnight Getaway for Two

The package includes overnight accommodation for two on Valentines Day, Saturday February 14, with champagne toast on arrival, gourmet dinner in the Garden Room Restaurant and delicious breakfast in the morning.

All Temple Spa’s packages include access to spa facilities (Jacuzzi, sauna steam room) and participation at your leisure in their daily programme of activities including yoga, guided country walks, tai chi and relaxation classes.

Temple is only an hour from Dublin, and they can organise a pick up from the bus-stop in the nearest village if the winner doesn’t drive.

To Win

To be in with a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us what sort of deals and offers you want to see from hotels and spas.

It’s not one of those annoying tie-breaker questions; we will choose one winner completely at random and the writer of that comment wins the prize. Tell your friends!


  • This competition is only open to residents of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Do not enter this competition if you are outside the island of Ireland.
  • Please make sure you leave a working email address with your comment (email addresses will not be publicly displayed) so we can contact you for your details.
  • Please do not comment more than once, if we see more than one comment from the same address we will delete all your comments and you will no longer be eligible for the competition.  If you have questions about the competition, use our contact form.
  • The competition will close at 12pm on Monday February 9, and the winner will be announced later that day.
  • There is no cash alternative for this prize.

About Temple Spa breakfast_in_bed

In a former life, I was lucky to spend a few months reviewing spas around Ireland. I stayed at Temple and fell in love with it, so we’re really delighted that they have sponsored this competition.

It’s one of only three luxury destination spas in Ireland and,overall, it’s one of the best. It’s small, intimate, in a gorgeous setting, and surrounded by the historic retreat of Clonmacnoise.

Owners Declan and Bernadette Fagan, along with a dedicated staff, treat every guest like royalty. They’re genuinely passionate about creating a unique and utterly wonderful experience.  It’s got 23 rooms, a great selection of indulgent spa treatments, and a brilliant local, seasonal, and often organic food philosophy.

Head chef David Godin has worked in some of the world’s most renowned restaurants, and I relished every mouthful of his healthy and scrumptiously indulgent creations.

This is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day. And if you’re single, bring a friend!


  1. It would be great to have more special offers including everything; bed for two, dinner, SPA, one or two treatments. Sometimes the offers are very confusing and, when you start including extras and you multiply by two…….. Where is the special offer?, Are we in crisis times?????

  2. A comfortable bed in quiet and pleasant surroundings either in the centre of it all or with all facilities (incl. parking) to hand, including a decent breakfast (plenty of variety) and at a reasonable price. Certainly pricing per room and including breakfast is preferable. Specials including an evening meal and/ or spa treats would complete the perfect break away.

  3. A spa break in relaxing surroundings with someone to look after the kids (if you bring them!!)……Heaven.

  4. Some all inclusive deals, nothing to worry about, good value, good service.

  5. Delicious prize! I’d like to see some lastminute deals that offer BIG savings for the coming weekend. Good for spontaneity, no? Also hotels that offer discounts for activities like spa treatments and outdoor stuff, and also for in-hotel dining. I’m all about the discounts clearly, but if I think I’m getting something for nothing I’ll be straight in the car and off to get it!

  6. I would love to see some recipes that use cheaper cuts of meat or ways to make dinners go further!

  7. I would love to be greated by friendly experienced staff. As first impressions are really inportant to me.
    Specials in spa treats would be nice and include breakfast in the price.I’d like to see weekend deals, not just midweek! And to top it off a great break would be to have the man that I love by my side.

  8. This type of getaway is my ideal break. Love last minute bargins too.

  9. Its great when hotels combine spa packages with the normal B&B packages on offer. I’d be much more likely to take one of those up then the normal 2 nights B&B and 1 dinner. I think if hotels offered “extra night free” but extended it to a Sunday night (instead of just a midweek offer) more people would take adv and head home on a Monday instead of on the Sunday.

  10. I like to see deals with a bit of imagination – a little bit of thought goes in to an extra or unexpected bonues, instead of the usuak 2 nights B&B one dinner stuff!

  11. I would like to see just the offers that Spas are offering on two treatments or 1/2 day packages. Not everyone can afford to go away for a night or a weekend but if we knew about really good offers that could cheer us up for an hour or two in local areas…it would be great.
    Last January I found a spa in a hotel that was doing two treatments for 99euro. It was a great bargain and I went twice and had over 2 hours of bliss.

  12. To get away for a weekend would be heaven. Dont worry about food.just give me the room and use of the swimming pool.Thank you very much

  13. I’d like to see hotel/spas as a seamless marriage of rest and relaxation… Bubbly on arrival, ironed newspapers arriving with your breakfast, and gorgeous big well-kept grounds for country hotels. The guided tours at Temple sound great, as does the bus-stop pick-up – friendly service, tailored to a T!

  14. I would like to see weekend offers that don’t include dinner (especially for city based hotels). Maybe a ‘stay one night get one night free’ offer. You should be getting value on the cost per night rather than your hotel meal…

  15. Nice one!
    Wouldn’t mind some more involving less well known spots and a more varied bunch of treatments from what’s normally available – probably too much to expect though

  16. Would like to see hotels offer more friday night specials. Also when dinner is included as part of the break it would be great if a bottle of wine was also on offer. Later breakfast finishing times would also be nice at weekends. If a leisure centre or spa is located within the hotel it would be great if they offered a yoga or aqua classes at some stage over the weekend.

  17. Would love to see more offers of short weekend breaks that include a meal, rather than short midweek breaks that are not as useful to most people.

  18. My preference would be to see any short breaks – preferably 2BB&1D or 1BB&1D so we know the full cost before booking (and its such a treat to eat in the hotel, especially in rural areas, saves the bother of putting my coat on!)

    It would be great if they were accompanied by reviews / recommendations from readers / bloggers.

    Especially good would be great offers in really nice places – the sort you feel you couldn’t afford otherwise, even if they have to be midweek, can be worth taking a day off, if its a very special treat.

  19. More all-in-one packages, such as a weekend deal including the room and everything else, such as meals, and say 6 treatments.

  20. I would like to see more hotels offering greater discounts, now that we’re in a recession !! Perhaps a night free if you book a certain amount or in a spa, a free massage/facial if you book for two nights etc.

  21. I’d love to see a few extras thrown in even if the room itself isn’t discounted then you would feel like you’re getting incentives to stay there afterall all the hotels have to compete hard for our thin on the ground cash! You then know exactly how much the stay is going to cost you. For instance free complimentary glass of champagne on arrival, one free treatment and certainly free breakfast which can be ridiculously expensie if its not included.

  22. I’d like to see more in the way of themed breaks – girls’ night in, outdoor pursuits, that kind of thing.

    It’s also be nice to have some more flexibility – e.g. instead of a break including bed, breakfast and a spa treatment, give out a voucher instead of the treatment redeemable up to a certain amount at the restaurant, in the spa, on room service etc.

  23. I think Hotels/ Spas should run a number of different packages for different age groups/demographics similar to the weekly/monthly specials served up by supermarkets/wine stores.

    Mixed packages offering weekend deals with special dinner options and a treatment thrown in with creche facilities offered to young families would fit the bill.

  24. I would like to see more last minute specials i.e. if the hotel wasn’t busy they could advertise some last minute rooms at great rates – very handy if you suddenly decide you want to get away or have some time off. I think in the current recession beauty treatments are expensive so again perhaps offer some late deal specials….

  25. I would like to see spa break offers for couples sharing including meals.

  26. I think hotel deals in general should offer more ‘all-inclusive’ type deals – so instead of a package of 2 nights and an evening meal, it would include all your meals, and say one drink per person at each meal.

    Specifically for spa hotels, it would be nice to have ‘create your own’ packages, where couples or groups of friends can select from a ‘menu’ of treatments, which would build up to a fixed price.

  27. Congrats on a great site so far! Would love to see more all-inclusive offers- room, dinner and treatment offering great value in hard times!

  28. Brilliant site and great prize. I would like to see more 2 night B&B breaks with option to include dinner or not.

  29. I’d like to see more spa breaks for friends offered, too many offer champagne and double beds, I want to grab my girlies and get pampered together!

  30. I’m taking pleasure in your blog and find this competition irresistible! It’s great when hotels combine spa packages.

  31. Great prize! A brief night away in such a nice location would be great!

  32. if some b &b s would include some activities from the locality it would be of great interest to me. also i am very keen to know what types of food they serve, free range, local etc……

  33. More cheap weekend breaks with dinner + spa treatments would be nice!

  34. Thank you for giving us a wonderful opportunity to win this lovely break. I haven’t been to a hotel spa yet, but if i win i will let you know my experience.
    There was a membership card you could buy for 50euro that allowed 2 people stay in the hotel of their choice for free if they got breakfast or an evening meal with the hotel. You could stay in as many hotels as you wish and it covers you for the whole year , and they had a great choice of hotels in Ireland and UK too. I think it is a good deal, but i can’t find a website now. If anybody knows ,please post it in your comment.

    It be nice to see deals like this going all the time. I think people always grab an opportunity when they see value for money deals.

  35. My boyfriend took me to Monart in Wexford for my birthday last year. We went on a Monday (which we could do as students) for one night but while we were there we were offered a second night’s stay for half price. Of course we stayed! It was a great offer! I’d love to see more offers like this one and definitely more weekend offers for young couples aimed towards people who want to splash out but within reason! Maybe different options (dinner/ spa treatment etc) to suit different needs!

  36. Sometimes spas can be a bit intimidating so I would love a hotel and spa that offered starter programmes. Say with a simple massage, manicure or pedicure and then rounded off by some healthy but tasty food. Then when you know what to expect you can move up a package for your next visit…. say flotation, hot stones or whatever…
    another idea would be to allow you to create your own package. Pick two treatments and then you receive a discounted room rate.

    Temple Spa looks like a dream!

  37. Hey!,

    wanna see more deals for 2 nights, 2 brekkies and 1 dinner, weekend and midweek. Also, would like to see offers, room only, inclusive of brekkie, dinner and spa and an all in. I think they should do away with the per person rubbish. Thanks , Great site.

  38. Hello,
    I love weekends away and wish I could go more often!
    I think a nice touch would be a free bottle of wine with the dinner. Also a good idea when checking out would be to get a voucher with a discount for a return visit. If its good people will go back and it would be a little incentive because people love vouchers

  39. What a wonderful prize! I would like to see more all inclusive packages i.e. B&B, dinner and a choice of pampering deals and not just for midweek. Perhaps the provision of entertainment in the evening and not just on Saturday night. More flexible hours for the salon/spa and perhaps a computerised system whereby guests can see what the availablity is for the various spa treatments. One last thing, an area for reading and relaxing with the daily papers, magazines etc.

  40. It’s mostly covered by the commenters above, but pps is bull. By the room, please.

    Also, why not lure me in with BYOB offers – we’ll eat at the restaurant, but let us bring the wine.

  41. I’d love if i was able to get genuine last minute deals in luxury hotels/spas. websites that offer these often are just selling rooms at a rate you can get them by booking in advance – surely hotel rooms go empty when if they were 50% off (and really 50% not the fake half off offers you see everywhere!) on a genuine website with cost transparency they would sell? i just want to be able to afford somewhere nice!

  42. hi ya
    what a great prize on offer!! id love for spas to have gunuine special offers and to have different offers such as the stay and all food and a couple of treatments included in the price, also special last minute deals!! and def much more afordable prices people would go more often especially this day and age….

  43. What I’d most like to see in offers from hotels and spas is for them to show where the prices that they’re “offering” are actually offers providing cheap deals that are good value – instead of “saying” they’re offering deals but then finding that they’ve bumped up their prices.

    For example, most hotels and spas are now offering Valentines Deals at the moment, yet you’ll in most cases see that those “offers” are more expensive than if you went away the weekend after.

  44. I would love to get information by email of last minute deals in hotels\spas for the coming weekend. If this information was posted out on a Wednesday I’m sure that we would take up the occasional offer. Furthermore I agree with previous posters that PPS immediately puts my back up – I would much rather see the price of the room.

  45. Hi ya,
    this is what I’d like to see in the offers
    – Total price for the room. Unless it’s a single room, the PPS price doesn’t make any sense
    – More flexibility: give us a range of treatments we can pick up from
    – More spa-only deals. Why do always need to eat and sleep as well?

    In general merketing strategy for spas should be to transform them from a luxury thing to something that more affordable.

  46. Hi, I would love to see more spa breaks which include dinner in the hotel also. Last minute deals would be great too!

  47. Would like to see some tailored packages for mums who need some ‘bonding time’ with teenage daughters.

  48. I think a mailout of last-minute / cut price weekend breaks could be very enticing. Also, I would like for hotels to stop advertising 2 nights for 2 + dinner on the Saturday when you only get 1 dinner and not a dinner for 2 as you’d expect. That sort of stingy, Celtic Tiger-era behavior won’t wash anymore!