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Aldi’s Super 6

aldi-super6Aldi’s Super6 this week are asparagus, vine tomatoes, strawberries, mushrooms, potatoes and granny smith apples – all for 79c.  Incredible value, especially on the asparagus, which looks great.

I also picked up a bag of black pepper and sea salt cashews, one of my favourite snacks, for only €1.69 for 175g.  The only other place I’ve seen them is M&S, where a smaller bag costs €3.


  1. mmm. Asparagus. Think I’ll grab some of that !

  2. No way! Bought strawberries in Tesco on Saturday… €3.99!!!
    Vine tomatoes were about the same, I’ve been robbed!

  3. Strawberries for 79c!! I’m there.

  4. Its January – where are the strawbs coming from? TBH I don’t think its generally worth buying them this far out of season, they don’t travel that well…

  5. Man, that’s cheap for Asparagus!
    Those cashews are gorgeous, I’ve tried them before. Hard to put them down before you’ve milled into half a bag.

  6. My Tesco strawberries were from Egypt. And yes I did feel bad about the air miles.

  7. The strawberries are great value but the punnet is pretty small – still good value though. The potatoes this week are fantastic value.