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  1. I think Cafe Bar Deli is great value if you go for the big salads..they’re all around the €12 mark (although they used to be a bit cheaper) and the portions are huge. They’re really interesting salads and I love the feta/broccoli one that you had Rercy. It’s great to see somewhere that does more than just the standard Caesar salad.

  2. It used to be cheaper and more affordable. It is a pity that it had to up its price and that it doesnt do any specials. Also I find the one on Grafton Street going down hill. I think CBD is loosing its character, afforability and quality as the chain becomes bigger. Pity because it used to be one of my fabourite places to eat.

  3. I prefer this Bar Deli to the ones in town. It’s just a bit less hectic. On George’s Street, I always feel like your fellow diners are sitting on your shoulder or that the staff wish you’d hurry up and get lost so that they can cram some more covers in. The Ranelagh one is just a bit more laid back.

    Great grub, whatever the branch. That Feta salad is gorgeous, and I agree, you have to go for the bigger size to feel full.

  4. That Limerick branch never opened!

  5. I work in Ranelagh just around the corner from Cafe bar deli, and I think it’s great for a lunch out. Theres something for everyone, whether that be a salad, pasta, pizza or meat. The starters are great if you’re going for a big meal. And they don’t rush you. I’m pretty sure that they have gluten free pasta, great for ceoliacs (I jusy can’t spell today).

  6. I agree with Sinéad – the Ranelagh branch is much better than the one in town which is just a little too chaotic. Another overriding memory of the restaurant on George’s St. is the smell of smoke coming in from people smoking on the footpath outside the door. Such a shame when they have an open kitchen adjoining the dining area!

    I also agree with Jean – salads in CBD are definitely the way to go.

  7. The staff and food in CBD George’s St is , in my humble opinion, the best of all the Dublin branches. as a regular at least once a week in here I can only sing their praises, it’s like going to your mates house for dinner, only better, cheers to Cat, Fiona and all the others for the friendly vibe ! Aiden