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CheapEats in today’s Indo Blog Digest

Irish IndependentCheapEats got another mention in the Irish Independent today – we’re one of the blogs reviewed in the Blog Digest in their business section:

With the tagline ‘tough times, great food’, you can’t help but nose-dive into this site.

I started off by reading a guest post by Maman Poulet on her favourite haunts to dine on a budget: she recommends Asian restaurant Madina on Moore Street in Dublin, where she reckons you can get the best butter chicken in Ireland for € 8.95.

There are also links a-plenty to food- and dining-related special offers and competitions – a nice change from every second TV or radio slot related to food and culture pooh-poohing the recession and telling us to pretend we have money (read credit) to burn.



  1. Aw what a lovely review! Fair play, this blog has really taken off and rightly so.

  2. Now i’ll never get a seat in Madina 😀

    Well done!