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Making Coffee at Work

espresso-makerPeter wrote a while back about saving money on takeaway coffee, which does seem to have reached ridiculous costs in Ireland at the moment.  I decided last week to get an espresso maker for my office, so I could cut back on expensive takeaway coffee and sugary powdered cappuccinos (or ‘crappuccinos’).

I was a bit taken aback by the cost of espresso makers in Dublin’s department stores – I just wanted one of the very simple hexagonal steel ones that go on your stovetop. I bought one for my house about four years ago for a mere tenner in Arnotts, and it’s given me years of faithful service.


Cluttered desk with shiny new coffee pot

I went to a few department stores and the cheapest espresso maker to be found was around €25 – and this was for an extremely tiny one-cup pot.  The standard two-cup pots were all about €30.  I balked at spending €30 on what is, after all, an extremely simple piece of equipment.

I did a bit more searching around, and finally found one for a reasonable price in Kitchen Complements on Chatham Street.   I was quite surprised to find it there; Kitchen Complements is a specialist shop and like most specialist shops is pretty expensive. But their unbranded espresso maker was €12.50, reduced from €13.85 in their 10% off sale.

I got a bag of delicious Fair Trade espresso roast in the Oxfam Fair Trade Shop for €4.50, so for €17 I’m all set up.  The nice lady in Kitchen Complements told me that they had a few more of those espresso makers in stock, in case any of you feel like putting an end to the “€3.50 for a latte” madness.


  1. i got one for christmas and it came from TK Maxx … have still to use it !! ooops ..

  2. Yeah, someone told me to check TK Maxx but they didn’t have any when I was in there. I did pick up a very good Typhoon chopping board for only a tenner when I was there – they’re great for kitchen stuff.

  3. I remember buying my Bialetti in BT in Cork about 6-7 years ago and it only cost £12 if I remember correctly. How things have changed.

    Did Kitchen Complements have the small espresso pots as well as the larger ones?

  4. I think so Joanne, but as far as I remember they were Bialetti ones as well and priced the same as the department store ones. The one I got for €12.50 isn’t too large, it does two espressos at a time.

  5. I have a caffatierre (that’s not spelled right) for my office. Its the kind where you out the coffee in, wait 5 mins and push the plunger down. We don’t have a cooker so it suits much better. I try to get fair trade coffee too, its so tasty. I got my cafitierre from TK Max for 7eur I think. I have delicious freshly brewed coffee every morning when I get to the office. The next thing is a coffee grinder to make it even freshed. I have one at home for the weekends and it really is the ultimate treat!

  6. Check out the little coffee stall in Georges street arcade. I bought one there a while back and got a good deal. Plus they have lovely coffees and teas

  7. That is a great tip.
    I’m going to treasure it.

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