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The Chicken Hut, Limerick

chicken-hut-limerickOur friend Billy Mag Fhloinn sent a great review of Chicken Hut in Limerick:

The Chicken Hut, 31 O Connell St., Limerick is renowned around Munster and beyond. It is, at the core, a very basic take away, but the food is top class, and the value is great. As you might expect, its main fare consists of Fried Chicken, of the Kentucky variety, but is a superior product to the American chain. Their chicken fillet burgers are almost magical, especially when consumed on a weekend at, say, 3am. All the meat is Irish, with Cappoquin being the main suppliers of chicken, and the beef from local producers.

They offer daily meal deals, and Sunday Specials are excellent value. In particular, the gravy is the highlight of any visit. Less gravy, and more a type of thick sauce with herbs and spices, it is fantastic on chips. In fact, I have known Dubliners buy tubs of it on visits to Limerick, and bring it home and freeze it for future use. Their beef quarter pounders are very tasty too, with a perfect balance of ketchup, secret sauce and salad.

This place is cheap, functional, and the food is great. Just don’t go there on a romantic date. The decor is fairly clinical (think the Industrial Zone from the Crystal Maze), but no one goes to take-aways for the ambiance. No one I know anyway. But if cheap, tasty fast food is what you’re after, look to the Chicken Hut. It is very popular amongst Limericians. How many other take-aways in Ireland have their own Bebo appreciation society?



  2. Yup, I must admit The Chicken Hut is great. Quarter Pounder special with gravy and a tin of lilt used to make my Saturday. I preferred the old building though. the atmosphere isn’t the same as in the new building, even though it has been there over a decade.
    I live in Dublin now and still haven’t found food like The Chicken Hut. Two Thumbs up!!

  3. i lived in the great city of limerick for two and a half years and to this day i think fondly of the hut. i am an american that lives back stateside but have to say nothing here beats a take away of 10 peices and a gravy chip at midnight piss drunk. viva the hut. fuck two thumbs up. two fists up. thats for you banger. and hello tristan. see ya soon boys. and see you hut.

  4. UPDATE!

    The Chicken Hut have reduced the price of their specials, so they are now even better value. Happy days!

  5. I live in Dublin but my boyfriend lives in Limerick. The man knows what the way to woman’s heart is through stomach (hehe for me that saying should be vice versa). He always brings me 3 tubs of gravy. The Chicken Hut has the best gravy here in Ireland! Two Thumbs up!!

  6. Gravy? On chips? Really? Never heard of such a thing, unless of course chips were served on the side of a full sunday roast dinner. I’m sure its nice as I hate dry chips but what an unusal combo.

  7. Its not gravy Laine, more like thick soup. Im convinced its actually the batter they put on the chicken. Ive never had anything but the super chips from there, and teh heartburn and indimidating atmosphere is sooo worth it.

  8. Got a dinner box 2 Legs & 1Rib asked the attendant what was the make up of a Dinner Box, she said 3 pieces of chicken , eg. 3 leg’s or 3 wing’s or 2 wing’s+ a chicken rib Poor value do you tkink ?

  9. Got a dinner box 2 Legs & 1Rib asked the attendant what was the make up of a Dinner Box, she said 3 pieces of chicken , eg. 3 leg’s or 3 wing’s or 2 wing’s+ a chicken rib Poor value do you think?

  10. Depends, how much was it?

  11. 6 EURO,20p For any compination that the attendant described at their discretion, I stick to supermac’s it’s better value.

  12. I always loved the Limerick chicked hut (except late sat nights). Recently the gravy is too salty and when I asked for a super snack box (gravy over the chips) they didnt put the chips in a seperate container but splashed the gravy over everything, chicken as well. Just felt they were making small savings in all the wrong places.

  13. the gravy is made from the chicken fat but i dont care its lovely