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Fresh in Smithfield

fresh-smithfieldI was lingering around Smithfield on Saturday, just looking for trouble really, and had a quick look in Fresh to see if they had any bargains.  They had a few good deals on veg, with kiwi fruits, tomatoes and baby potatoes all going for 99c.  But then they were also charging €3.49! for a small tray of green beans and €2.49 for about five chilli peppers.

Fresh is very assuredly a Celtic Tiger shop – do any of you shop there now that we’re all stony broke?


  1. I don’t live on that side of the city, but I think there are several shops like this that must be taking a hit. I’m thinking specifically of Donnybrook Fair and their gorgeous but fantastically over-priced fruit crumble (8 quid!). Just can’t justify it as much anymore.

  2. I live near there and I agree, the prices are ridiculous. And their fruit isn’t even that fresh at the best of times.

    There’s a great wee shop up the road on Arbour Hill called Lilliput which is great for fresh fruit, veg, organic and loads more. And much cheaper!

  3. Simon .. is that Lilliput stores off Manor St ? I have been meaning to go in there for ages .. does it open on saturdays ?

  4. I used to do all my food shopping in the Smithfield Fresh and never spent less than €100 a week for two of us. It’s Tesco and Lidl all the way now!

  5. Liliput Stores does open on Saturdays!

  6. I’ve also had very mixed experiences with Fresh – the quality on offer (often not as good as you’d like it to be for the, er, fresh stuff) and prices charged just often don’t match up.

  7. I think it’s worth pointing out Fresh shops are just over priced Spars. The owners own Spar shops and surely use many of the same suppliers as those, it’s just they couldn’t sell green beans in Spar for 3.49euro so they set up Fresh!

  8. I usually find myself in Fresh at least once a week, and while I would never buy fruit or veg there, they do incredibly cheap, but good quality, meat. Chicken fillets are usually about €1.50 and at the monent are now 99 cent!
    A decent cut of steak can be had for less than a fiver, and they have a great selection of inexpensive yet interesting marinaded meats…

    Also I’m a big fan of their ongoing offer of Prosecco for only 9.99!

  9. I hate Fresh, it should be called Stale. I’ve never bought a decent vegetable of piece of fruit there. The over pricing is shocking…for example…Lavazza coffee….€6.80 and even in the little Lilliput Stores it’s only €4 something….
    Take a look at that salad bar the next time you’re in….you won’t feel too well after it.
    Fresh is dressed up as a ‘gourmet’ store, but it is nothing of the sorts. The quality of the fish, meat and everything else is poor in the extreme.
    And don’t get me started on the staff….or the merchandising set up, where by if you’re looking for mustard, say, you’ll find different brands on different shelves!
    As I live on the square, I have to use it from time to time, but it’s a joke. And that customers can’t see that makes me realise that really, Irish people, know very very little about food.
    If Paddy Kelly is going down, I hope he takes Fresh with him…sorry Paddy.