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Takeaway Tips?

takeawayI was supposed to go out for dinner tomorrow night and was hoping to check out one of the restaurants that our lovely readers have recommended.  However there are now babysitter issues, so we’re looking for tips for a good takeaway. I’m trapped in a dependency cycle with The Bombay Pantry (mmm…Bombay Pantry) so should really try and broaden my horizons.  Do any of you have tips for a good takeaway?

I live in Dublin 8, south west inner city, so am looking for takeaways that will deliver to this area.  This usually includes the city centre and Dublin 6, although it can be kind of arbitrary – Bombay Pantry in Rathmines deliver to us but their next door neighbour Saba won’t.  I usually get Indian or Thai, but would like to hear all recommendations.  I’m not crazy about Chinese takeaway food, although if there’s a really good Chinese in the area I’d be interested to try it out.

I’d really appreciate any recommendations – and we’ll write up a review of the takeaway afterwards.  Thanking you in advance, lovely readers!


  1. You know I can totally relate to your dilemma. BP is prob the most reliable takeaway in Dublin. I have tried and tested many other allegedly “Asian” cuisine and chinese all around South Dublin and can never really find a decent one. Maybe you could get some really nice M&S food as a treat? I know it is not takeaway and may require some heating but better than cooking from scratch?! Sorry I cant help. If you ever make a discovery, please let me know. Enjoy your night.

  2. Live in roughly the same area, Dublin 2 though. You might try Spice N Rice (, they’re located on Dorset Street somewhere but happily deliver to us.

    After that it starts to run a bit dry, would love more options though. Haven’t really investigated Rathmines as an option, not sure how Spice N Rice holds up to Bombay Pantry but I’m certainly willing to give it a shot. Cheers for the recommendation!

  3. Hi Jean. I wonder if Burdock’s in Rathmines would deliver to you? Not as outstanding as their Christchurch branch but still great, and might be a good alternative to ANOTHER Asian take-away

  4. I live in Dublin 8 but I am about one street away from the BP delivery catchment area. I’ve always been a bit miffed about that! There’s Bu Ali (who do deliver here), though I suspect that they wouldn’t stand up to what you’d get from BP. Nothing else springs to mind unfortunately.

  5. Namaste India on North King St (D7) is a pretty good Indian. Always really fresh.

  6. You could try Diep Noodles in Ranelagh. Otherwise I’d stick with Bombay or go for the M&S option.

  7. Yes what Paula said. I would go as far as saying that Namaste India is better than BP. Its excellent. Northside but on the right side for you in Dublin 8.

  8. Thanks a million folks. Jeez, there isn’t much out there, is there?
    I’ve tried Spice and Rice, they have a branch on Clanbrassil St as well. The food is fine, but Bombay Pantry is better and only a little more expensive.
    Catherine, you’ve given me an idea – I think I’ll try M&S’s Thai takeaway box, they’re only €15 for two mains and three sides, and Peter has been raving about them.

  9. I know I’m a bit too late, but mmmmmmmmmmm Diep…

  10. Namaste India is amazing! Just like the real deal. I haven’t tried Bombay Pantry.

  11. My favourite Indian takeaway in south Dublin is Indian Brasserie in Rathfarnham village. The food is amazing. They deliver but we usually drive out to pick it up coz its so good. I highly recommend their mango lassi (they make their own yoghurt), the chicken biryani, cod chilli masala and chicken tikka.
    The only consistently good chinese takeaway I have found in Dublin is Zen on the upper rathmines road, I dont think they deliver but their food is step above most chinese takeaways (and pricier, about 10 quid a dish). The chicken in hot bean sauce is worth it.

  12. Saba takeaway is good, similar to Diep but better i reckon…. portions are massive, you could live for a week on the curry but a tad on the dear side… same mula as the restaurant which defeats the purpose of ordering in i guess, but it is good…