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“A skinny, dry, large cappuccino with an extra shot, a shot of vanilla and nutmeg sprinkles”

The always entertaining Nordie food blog Food and Drink has a great new feature – the Coffee Phantom advises us about how to get good value for coffee:

  • coffee-steam£2 is the most you should pay in a coffee shop for any type of coffee (approx €2.25 exchange rate fans).
  • If you want to accessorise it will cost about 30p an accessory. But trust me on this, all you’re doing is damaging the taste of the coffee and costing yourself more money.
  • If you are not 100 per cent happy with what you get, ask for another cup. It costs about 40p to make a cup, depending on the bean and milk quality, so don’t settle for poor presentation, service or quality.

There’s lots more interesting info about cafe coffee in the full post.

And of course you can always make your own, or avail of some of the specials that increasingly desperate coffee chains are currently offering.


  1. The cheapest real, and decent coffee I’ve found is from ‘The Village’ in Rathmines. €1.50 for take away.

    Ron Black’s on Dawson St were doing €1.90 for take away recently.

  2. Seven Wonders Cafe and The Bagle Bar in the IFSC are doing 2 for 1 on all coffees!

  3. If anyone could tell me the best place for good quality good priced nice surroundings coffee in Limerick I’d really appreciate it. The Savoy Bar is charging €4 for Americano, €4.25 for tea(!) and €5 for hot chocolate – learning this made me realise it’s time to stop paying ridiculous prices for coffee, always.