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  1. I made Duck Confit with chicken and it was fantastic. I’ve also substituted Goose fat for duck fat–no worries. It’s very flexible, so add whatever you’d like. One warning, convection ovens suck–stick with the normal kind and you won’t burn your duck feet off. So do I win the treats?

  2. What a great contest! I have indeed roasted up some confit. I think the last time I served it with some lentils du puy (with herbes de provence and orange zest) and roasted potatoes. Looking forward to winning this prize!

  3. Nope I’ve never bought it … but I have eaten it in restaurants and in France and lurve it …. So I think I would be a worthy winner of this prize as I could learn something new 🙂 …

  4. I’m afraid that I didn’t cook the confit duck myself, but cheated and bought a jar of ready-prepared confit duck – after tasting and loving the dish in south-west France. I added Toulouse sausage, thyme, beans and stock to make a version of cassoulet. I can’t afford to go back to France on holidays this year, so I’d love to win the prize!

  5. Oh yes, confit legs of duck. Pan-fried to crisp up the skin and eaten with sauteed potatoes. Or shredded and layered with mashed potatoes for a duck parmentier.

  6. I also am a big confit de canard fan and with a French other half it is always the perfect pick me up when homesickness kicks in. I usually roast it and serve with full boiled carrots and sarladaise potatoes (potatoes cooked in the goose/duck fat with herbs and ceps…as served in Sarlat!). The French side of the house is feeling terribly down after the defeat last week…a little confit de canard might just be the perfect pick me up! 😉

  7. I’ve made the one from Sheridans – super easy in the oven, with a few puy lentils and roast potatoes if the fat content is not high enough already. I’d really love to try proper french confit from a can – proper French people have highly recommended it to me!

  8. Like SJ I’ve only ever had it in bistros but I love it, and love duck fat on roasties and chips. No sure how I’d do it but I’d have a go – imagine it to be much like roasting any bird. I’d also enjoy throwing those rillettes in a salad – hubba hubba.

  9. Have never made it, but I’m a keen cook, so would definately try it. Plus I love French food!

  10. Have never made this product but from reading some of the comments its sounds delish. And with my all new cooking entusiasam im sure partner would love a taste too.

  11. One of my favourite things ever – my Dad’s from the SW of France, so as with many other posts reminds my of seeing the family, summer holidays etc. Keeps very well tinned as still in the fat so really good option as cannot buy fattened duck in Ireland (as far as I know…), and has much more flavour. As I tend to go overboard every time I go back, at end of hols last year we tried a lighter option with mixed leaves, orange segments, small amount of warmed honey, balsamic vinegar,sesame seeds and the delicious confit shredded and warmed in very hot oven. Orange and vinegar helped cut through the fat if part of a big meal, without sacrificing any flavour; we had it as starter.

  12. I have never made it… and not even tasted it before, but would definitely try it!

  13. Yum Yum ducks bum! I’ve never attempted to cook with this before but I sure would love to get the chance!

  14. Love duck – guests for dinner last week were served duck, other half was asked what he wanted for Valentines, answer – Duck!
    Have never tried Confit though, my somewhat limited culinary expertise has stuck with roasting, just love the crispy skin. All other meats I cut off the fat, whereas duck’s is just sublime.
    Also just checked out the website – now bookmarked – delighted to find an easy source of Foie Gras – that’s his birthday treat sorted!
    Anyway, please give us the opportunity to discover the delight of Duck Confit- imagine having genuine French food at home!
    (Especially since the dole cheque won’t stretch to our annual week camping in France this year.)

  15. If I eat something in a restaurant and I like it, then I have to try it at home. Confit de canard is one of those things, along with rilettes, rillons etc. I adore it but I hate the idea of serving it with anything soggy.

  16. i have nothing against ducks of any kind & honestly and this is not a short evasive answer – I have never bought confit duck and I would not know how to prepare it…. that said I would like to.

  17. I’ve never made it and wouldn’t be sure how to prepare it, but have eaten it in France.

    Given all the suggestions in this post so far, I think it’s now time to locate me some confit and have a go!

  18. Bonjour

    Je n’ai jamais cuisine les cuisses de canard, mais j’aime cuire et bouffer tous les bonnes choses de la France, surtout le sud-ouest. Vivent les francais pour les bonnes choses a manger, pas pour le rugby!!!!

    One of the best meals of my life was duck breast, salad and chips with a glass of rouge in a humble hotel in the South West of France.

    Love to win your prize!



  19. I just love Confit Duck! We used to eat it all the time when we were living in France, lack of fridge space not a prob for the tins. Best part is the duck is already cooked and ready to go, just crack open the tin, remove the duck and crispen the skin in the oven or pot. We used to strain the fat and then freeze it in ice cubes in the freezer….very handy!! Baby roasties and green beans…yum…nice to see it available in Ireland.

  20. I haven’t tried duck confit, but I love all kinds of rilettes, especially duck and goose. I imagine that duck rilettes is a bit like duck confit which has been shredded and stirred back into the fat! I look forward to finding out if I’m right!!!

  21. Confit de canard is one of those things that I’ve really enjoyed the once or twice that I’ve eaten it, but I’m a wee bit scared to try it myself! I’ll definitely check out the Confit de France site though to see what they suggest.

  22. I have indeed served duck confit (brought back from France) for a dinner party; it’s delicious! I served it with potatoes roasted in the fat and a tangy green salad, nice and simple. Of course, wine to accompany meant a relaxing evening for all as I wasn’t huddled over a hot stove all evening.

  23. My super Sister made it for me some time ago, when my brother was over in Ireland on a visit from San Francisco. We had it with roast potatoes, cooked in the fat and green beans on the side. It was moist and delish!
    I also had it cooked for me during the summer hols last year by the bro-in-law. He drained off the fat and sort of gently fried/stewed it in a saucepan with a lid on it. We had it with homemade ratatouille and couscous. Also delish! My parents are huge fans too!!! 🙂

  24. Nope, never cooked it, never tried it. After reading the post and comments, I feel I have been missing out!

  25. Duck confit is a regular favourite in our house – served with lentil vert with spinach in winter, or a green salad in summer, and always with potatoes roasted in the accompanying duck fat! Our best results for cooking have been to put under a very hot grill to crisp up the skin. We like to keep a stock of tins in our store cupboard, perfect for entertaining at short notice.

  26. My mouth is watering reading these comments on Duck Confit and its’ recipe’s. No I have never tried it and now can’t wait to try out all these dishes!

  27. I’ve never bought confit, except in a restaurant. Have never cooked it – hope it comes with instructions!

  28. Never bought it or prepared it but I’m looking forward to winning so I can give it a shot!

  29. Was given a tin as a treat and it really hit the spot, loved it. Never thought to order it on line so just figured my next trip tp France would have to be Aer Lingus… guess what the extra 5 kilos would be.

    PS: Hi Lar (above) you should be working ;-).

  30. I love duck.- and would love this prize….here’s my suggestion: Marinade the duck in the following marinade for as long as possible (couple of hours – to over night) – bunch of thyme, few bay leaves, 2 garlic bulbs, 2 tsp of whole black pepper. 450ml olive oil.
    Take out of marinade and score the duck (so the fat can drain out during cooking)

    Then before roasting the duck make up the following mix;
    ½ tsp of the following spices grounded : cumin seeds,ginger, cinnamon, coriander, allspice and nutmeg. Rub the mix into the legs of the duck.
    Place in a saucepan in the oven (with lid) on low heat for 2/2.5hrs with the duck fat from the tin. (You can also throw in potatoes around the pot aswell). Very easy and very delicious.

  31. This is the first time I’ve heard of the brand, but I do love a good rillette with toast, so I hope I win!!

  32. No, I’ve never made it myself, but will be sure to try it some time. Just looking at the Confit De France website at all the recipies, I’m thinking I will be trying it sooner rather than later! 🙂

  33. AH confit so evocative of the southwest kitchen, the delicious odur of cuisse de canard gently cooked in their own fat until the meat is falling from the bone, served simply with green beans tossed in buttter and garlic, or prehaps caramilised apple for a sweet note to complement that rich fatty dark meat, and not forgetting the potato fried in the duck fat with a little rosemary, byhand in hand with a big rich sticky Galliac or the cherry notes of a Madrian…..would make a frenchman cry quicker than Brian O’Driscoll breaking the tryline in Croke Park

  34. I’ve had confit duck, both in restaurants and from a tin, made in France. It is such comfort food and very healthy. Cook slowly covered in duck fat and finish in a pan on a high heat. If serving the delicious tinned variety, simply open, remove some fat, brown in a pan, transfer to an oven to heat through and serve French style with braised lentils and crusty bread…divine!

  35. have never tried it… but would like to try it really crispy with shredded spring onion, carrot and cucumber salad yum

  36. I bought it once but it sat in the cupboard for what seemed like years while I built up the courage to do something with it – then my sister took it and I never saw it again. She has just got engaged to a French man and I’m putting it down to her confit so please give me another chance!!