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  1. It’s a shame, because the interiors are gorgeous and the sweet things are, as you say, exquisite- but it is so overpriced, I can’t justify it

  2. My friend adores this place and I really don’t get it, it’s overpriced and service is always average to poor. Nice decor though, v continental feel to it!

  3. A friend of mine was there before Christmas and was charged €80 for a three course meal (which was very poor) and two glasses of wine. She told me she will not be going back ever ever ever again! I can’t say I’m tempted.

  4. Just thought it should be mentioned that Cafe Leon (33 Exchequer Street) has received a Closure Order from the Food Safety Authority during the month of February for “breaches of food safety legislation”.

    (What do you think about listing the FSAI monthly closure orders in this site? I certainly would like to know about it before I venture out to eat in one of these restaurants….)