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Readers’ Questions

Two of our readers got in touch to ask for a recipe and for help in finding an ingredient in Dublin. We’re throwing it open to you, our other readers, to see what you have up your sleeves.

chipotle-adobeFiona wants to know where she can buy tins of chilli in adobe sauce in Dublin. Adobe (or adobo) sauce is a marinade used in Mexican and South American cooking; looking at recipes online there seems to be loads of different variations of it.  I’m not sure where Fiona will find this – there’s lots of ethnic food shops in Dublin but I’m not aware of any that specialise in Mexican food.  The Taco Taco food stand in the Epicurean Food Hall on Abbey St sells various Mexican food products, although their range is limited.  Any other suggestions?

Danny in Los Angeles is homesick for proper Irish chip shop battered cod. Does anyone have a reliable recipe for cod batter?  He says the Americans try their best but never get it right.

So can you help our hungry friends?  Leave your answers in the comments below…


  1. Can’t help with Mexican, although I have seen mexican mole sauce in fallon&byrne recently.

    I’ve a question on finding another ingredient in Dublin. I’ve been trying to find preserved lemon for ages. I love moroccan cooking, but for the life of me, can’t find preserved lemon. I live in the city centre and don’t have a car. Any ideas?!

  2. Hey Ben…I presume you’ve tried the halal shops? There’s some very well-stocked halal and Indian shops in the city centre, like Spice of Life on Moore St and Madina on Parnell St, I’d be surprised if they didn’t have them.

  3. Thanks Jean, I’ve tried a few halal shops around Clanbrassil st, but I’ll give those two a go.

  4. Richard Corrigan has a recipe for battered fish here:

    It might not be quite chip-shop style but sounds delicious.

  5. I think I picked up my tin of chilli in adobe at that Mexican in the Epicurian Food Hall – it’s only a small selection of ingredients but they still might stock them.

  6. Hi Ben,
    Avoca in Rathcoole have preserved lemons so maybe the one near Grafton street would also stock them.

  7. Not sure here is the right place to post but I would like tips on where to get good horseradish in jars (grated or creamed) and particular good brands tried and tested out there? As you only usually need a bit of the stuff, it seems a waste to buy a whole root everytime. Thanks for any help…