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SuperValu Offers

SuperValu logoSome of the offers I saw in SuperValu today:

  • Large pack of chicken legs half price; was €4.49 now €2.24
  • Buy one, get one free on Moypark Chicken Kievs, €4.19
  • Half price garlic baguettes, was €2.38 now €1.19
  • Buy one, get one free on SuperValu own brand fresh Tortellini with Spinach and Ricotta, €2.49
  • Half price on 200g King Prawns, down from €7.49 to €3.74 (although €7.49 is very overpriced for such a small amount of prawns)

They also have large punnets of cherry tomatoes for €1.99. At 400g they’re twice the size of the usual cherry tomato boxes.

supervalu-mehPretty good value to be had in SuperValu, with lots of offers across the store.  However! I did notice that they had a big ‘WOW ONLY 99c!’ sign above their loose red, green and yellow peppers. This price is what you’d expect to pay in a 24-hour convenience store, and I don’t see how it warrants a ‘wow’. At most, it deserves a ‘meh’.  Just goes to show, you really do need to pay close attention to supermarket offers and not just blindly put anything on offer into your basket.

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  1. Bring back weigh and pay for all items I say.