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Nigel Slater’s Dinners for 31p

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The food writer Nigel Slater had a nice piece in the Observer Magazine yesterday about cooking on the cheap, with a handy list of suggested recipes.  Slater annoys  me occasionally by banging on about how he does all his food shopping at farmers’ markets and never darkens the door of a supermarket, but I do really like his recipes.

The list here is really good: most of these recipes are extremely quick and easy as well as cheap to prepare.  They’re perfect for the Wednesday Wind-down type of meal.

I’m very tempted by his baked pumpkin in chilli tomato sauce, which would probably also work well with a butternut squash. You can currently pick up a butternut squash in Lidl or Aldi for about €1.49, and you can usually get two meals out of each one.

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  1. Yum! Mussels and chips…