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The Cheapest Drinks in Ireland?

tgi_logo_frontCheapEats reader Ellie, who describes herself as a penniless intern, got in touch to ask about cheap drinks around Dublin.

I rarely drink in the city these days, but I have come across a few. TGI Friday’s on St. Stephen’s Green are running an all-day, every day offer: all pints are €4 and all cocktails are €5.

My colleague Ben, who is currently researching pubs around Dublin for a new guide book, mentions Caulfield’s on Dorset St. Although it’s a little bit of a grotty local pub, a pint of Guinness is only €3.30.

We’re not sure our livers could handle a serious investigation, so we’re going to throw it open to our readers. Where have you found the cheapest pint in Ireland?


  1. Beamish is a mere €3 in the Glimmer Man in Stoneybatter, or so says the sign in the window anyway

  2. Second that on the Glimmerman – an excent local in terms of value per pint and random characters. Worth hceking out if you live near Stoneybatter/Smithfield area.

  3. bernard shaw on richmond street

  4. I can’t compete with €3 but I was hapy to ‘only’ pay €4.20 in the ‘Diggers in Glasnevin the other day.

  5. The mostly-excellent microbrewed beers in Messrs Maguire are all €4 a pint.

  6. Excellent! Thankyou, everybody! x x

  7. gotta mention 10 euro pitchers of beer in the thomas bar across the road from vicar st.
    almost 4 pints in each pitcher and a good atmosphere too.

  8. Thanks John – and I know I shouldn’t be answering my own questions but I have just found the pint prices pages on – – which is quite enlightening.