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Food Resources for Teachers

tastebudsheaderThe problem of obesity has been overshadowed by the economic collapse. But it hasn’t gone away. One way of tackling both problems is to encourage children to learn about food. After all, recessions don’t hit as hard if you’re able to grow some of your own.

Luckily, teachers who want to bring food and nutrition education into the classroom now have more options than ever before. If kids get green fingers while they’re young, they may come to appreciate the value and savings to be found in growing your own. Unlike me, they just might find that a simple task – like starting their own herb garden – doesn’t bring them out in a cold sweat.

Over the next few weeks, will compile a comprehensive list of resources for children, parents, teachers, adults, and people who might just like to learn a little more themselves.

Resource #1: Taste Buds

This new, interactive resource for eight to ten years olds, was developed by safefood and the West Cork LEADER co-operative. Taste Buds consists of eight different class sections, each lasting between 30-40 minutes. Topics include ‘Finding Out About Food’, ‘Who Produces Our Food’, and ‘Boosting Breakfast’. The programme uses five animated characters to teach children about the importance of healthy eating and origins of their food.

The resource will be soon available online at

In the meantime, teachers can obtain a free copy of the resource for their school by calling the safefood helpline on 1850 40 45 67.


  1. Great initiative! I have tried to compiled such info before and there is so much out there! Good to have them linked in one place!

  2. I have been using Taste Buds with my class of nine year olds for the past few weeks. They love it, there is a huge amount of material in the programme, all divided into child friendly chunks.