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Superquinn’s Best Euro Sale Ever?

SuperquinnThe ever-popular euro sale returns to Superquinn this weekend.

For €8, you’ll get 400g of steak pieces, 600g of vegetable stew mix, 1kg of Superquinn’s spuds, and a lovely puff pastry apple tart for dessert. You’ve all the makings of a lovely stew for a family of four.

Superquinn are also selling half price hams, pork chops, chickens, beef, lamb and haddock. There’s also good deals to be had on rashers and sausages. I think Superquinn’s meat is really good so I’ll be stocking up the chest freezer.

You can save €5 per kg on cheese. The Real Irish Food Company’s Pasta Sauces are slashed from €2.79 to €1. Or you can choose any three of apples, oranges, pears and grapes for €6 – a saving of “up to €5.97” (this to me implies that those fruits may have been ludicrously overpriced to begin with).

If you’re planning on boozing for St. Patrick’s Day, they’ve slashed the price on Corona, Heineken, Guiness, Foster, Miller, Budweiser, and Hardy’s wine.

Superquinn really know the meaning of “Bargains and Special Offers”. No trumpeting pissy little 2c price reductions on random items for them. I reckon this is their best euro sale yet.

You’ll find the full details of this offer by downloading this pdf.


  1. very there prices an all of your items

  2. ill never shop in your shop