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Restaurant Review: Gotham Cafe

Pizzas in Gotham Cafe

Pizzas in Gotham Cafe

Gotham Cafe has been on South Anne St for donkey’s years and has always maintained a strong level of popularity.   The new website MummyMaps recommended Gotham as a good place for kids, so I suggested it when two friends and I decided to take our little girls for Saturday lunch.  It has an extensive menu, with the focus mostly being pasta, pizzas and diner food.

I’ve eaten in Gotham a few times over the years and have always found it fine, but our lunch on Saturday was disappointing and I don’t think I’ll be bothering to go back there.

The adults had pizza and salad, and the little ones had pizza, pasta and bangers and mash from the kids’ menu.

What was good about it?

The service is good; very quick and friendly, and they were very nice when apple juice was spilled and that kind of thing.

What was bad about it?

  • My ‘Tribeca’ pizza (Thai prawns, roasted sweet peppers, courgette) only had about two prawns, chopped up and spread across the pizza.  The other pizza was bland.  The Cobb salad was “fine, but nothing special”.
  • The kids’ pizza and bangers and mash were fine, but the chicken pasta was just boiled pasta and chopped chicken – no sauce of any kind.


    Small girls in Gotham

  • The kids’ portions were unneccesarily large and too expensive at €7-€8 each.  They could easily halve the portions and the price, making it a much more attractive option for families.

Our bill came to €66 for three mains, three kids’ portions and only three drinks.  We were all a little underwhelmed by the food and it’s also very noisy and hot in the cafe.  I think there’s better options for families out there.

Starters in Gotham are all around the €7 mark, mains are €12-€16.  They’re running an offer in March: a free glass wine or beer with each main course on Mondays and Tuesdays.


  1. That’s a disappointing review, I haven’t been in a while but I have enjoyed a couple of their pizzas in the past…Oh well, plenty of other places to have great pizza!

  2. yeah, I agree with you on the disappointing food affair at Gotham.. I was there and reviewed on my page too. I tried Tribecca and didn’t like the toppings moreover the price that fraughted with it!

  3. I think Gotham is great value- I go at least couple of weeks with & without my kids and they love it too. Kids portions are just right and a lot less than €8.00. The smiley pizza is special & always brings a smile to little faces.I have never had a bad meal & have been going since the 90ies. The Crabcakes are my favourite & the goats cheese crostini as a starter but the pizzas are what bring me back – just the best.

  4. 1 word……BRILLIANT!