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Restaurant Review: Koh, Italian Quarter, Dublin

koh-logoKoh is a relatively new Thai restaurant in Dublin’s ‘Italian Quarter’, which is just off the Quays by the Milennium Bridge and is a very pleasant little street indeed.  I went to Koh on a Thursday night with two friends, ostensibly for cocktails and food but I managed to miss the cocktails.  Never mind.  I was told by the cocktail drinkers that the cocktails were tasty and interesting, if a little light on the booze.

We skipped starters except for a snack of very good spicy prawn crackers. Two of us went for green curry with chicken for €17.50: the portions were small but it was really delicious.  I’ve banged on here before about the high cost of Thai food in Ireland, and I still don’t see any reason why Thai curry needs to cost so much – but the food, atmosphere and service is so good in Koh that I don’t feel inclined to moan about the price this time.

Our other diner ordered Laksa for €13, which surprisingly turned out to be very poor: it was watery and tasteless. However as soon as we mentioned it, they swapped it for another main without a second’s hestitation.

The service in general was really outstanding; friendly and chatty, and there wasn’t even the slightest quibble about swapping the main course.  You get the sense that the people who manage this restaurant really care about its success, and that they see it not in terms of cramming in loads of customers and forcing them to bolt their food, but in making it a pleasurable experience that they will want to repeat.

Bill came to €127 for three mains, prawn crackers, one dessert, two bottles of wine and three cocktails.

Koh’s starters are €6.50 to €12, main course salads are €15, and curries are all around €18.  Their lunch menu has many of the same options for a much lower price.  And as we mentioned here before, Koh are currently running a special offer for the Six Nations: curry and a pint for €11.


  1. The sticky pork and ginger starter is fantastic!

  2. I agree that Koh is a bit pricey. Good food though.

  3. The place has a lovely atmosphere, doesn’t it? Mixed feelings about a couple of dishes I’ve tried there but I’d go back as the dishes that were good were delicious.

  4. I’m a sucker for The Blue Orchid in Blackrock – 9.50 for a green curry to go!

  5. Please try the pho bo (but ask for rice noodles insted of the glassnoodles), the scallops, the chili beef stir fry and the panag curry with beef. Other great things on the menu are the chicken satay and the betel leaves with sticky port – both are starters.

    Had the catch of the day one time and I was not impressed. However those dishes above are truly delicious.

    Also the service is fantastic. As mentioned above, the guys who runs this place really care about their guests.

  6. Having visited this restaurant before for group occasions we were looking forward to really good food and service. Sadly we were very disappointed and will not be returning. As a group of 13 we were seated in the lounge area. Our orders were taken at 8.30 (for 7.30 booking). The starters arrived and we were forced to eat these on plates from our laps due to lack of space on the 4 round tables in front of us. Following the starter, I requested to speak with the restaurant manager as I felt this was wholly inadequate for dining purposes. He was unhelpful and indicated that while he appreciated our custom, he could fill the tables on a Saturday night and typically had to refuse custom due to a full occupancy. While the food was excellent, his attitude and unwillingness to accommodate us really took from the dining experience. We understood at the time of booking that we would be accommodated in the lounge area, however we expected that we would be able to dine in some comfort. We did not leave a good tip and indicated to the waiting staff that while we appreciated their good service, we were very unhappy with the way management dealt with this situation. On leaving, the manager approached and indicated he did not appreciate the comment to the waiting staff. I would urge management to reconsider how they deal with dissatisfied customers. This could have been dealt with in an entirely different manner notwithstanding that we paid close to €700 for our group.

  7. “We did not leave a good tip and indicated to the waiting staff that while we appreciated their good service, we were very unhappy with the way management dealt with this situation. ” That is totally unfair on the wait staf.