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Win Dinner for Two in Bentley’s, in association with the Irish Independent’s new LoveFood magazine has another fantastic prize to give away. How would you like to win dinner for two in Richard Corrigan’s Bentley’s restaurant on Stephen’s Green – plus an overnight stay at the adjoining hotel?

LoveFood hits the stands tomorrow, Thursday March 11 – be sure to pick up your copy!

Win Dinner for Two at Bentley’s and LoveFood are offering dinner for two (to the value of €100) with a bottle of wine in Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill on St. Stephen’s Green, followed by an overnight stay and breakfast. Bentleys offers outstanding luxury food for both the financially challenged and the still super-rich, and came highly recommended in this review from our guest blogger Kirstie of

To enter this competition, just leave a comment on this post telling us what features you’d like to see in food magazines.


lovefood-coverLOVE FOOD is a new family-friendly magazine for the modern food-lover. It  caters to all budgets and all tastes – whether you want to know how to feed your family a feast for under €20 or you need to find out about how to cook the best food and drink the supermarkets have to offer.

LOVE FOOD will give you some fabulous, tasty recipes across the board, whether from your local butcher, nutritionist or supermarket: delicious, nutritious recipes for all that won’t break the bank.

In LOVE FOOD the emphasis will be on easily accessible information from experts in the industry – from chefs to producers, off-licences to suppliers, it is a tantalising world of food and drink in one colourful magazine that packs a punch. You’ll get the latest news on the best products, plus a wealth of invaluable tips on serving, cooking, buying, storing, recycling and much more!


  • This competition is only open to residents of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Do not enter this competition if you are outside the island of Ireland.
  • Please make sure you leave a working email address with your comment (email addresses will not be publicly displayed) so we can contact you for your details.
  • Please do not comment more than once, if we see more than one comment from the same address we will delete all your comments and you will no longer be eligible for the competition.  If you have questions about the competition, use our contact form.
  • The competition will close at 12 noon on Monday March 16, and the winner will be announced later that day.
  • There is no cash alternative for this prize.


  1. I’d like to see more articles covering eateries in the provinces.Keep up the good work

  2. I would like to see more of a focus on service in restaurants. At a time when competition is a lot greater, good quality service costs nothing and can help a restaurant truly stand out. Perhaps tips for service staff on the little things that a customer likes to see and appreciates – no brain surgery, simply a smile, hello and some good manners. Don’t under-estimate good attitude and positivity, they are especially important at a time like this

  3. My top tip for saving money is to share a starter or share a desert with your dining partner. This will knock considerable euros from your bill. Oh, and enjoy your mains- not for sharing!

  4. Hey,

    I’d love to see a section on things you can grow yourself, even in a little apartment in the city… what’s point in buying herbs/tomatoes etc from Tesco or similar which die in their pots after a few days/weeks (if lucky!) when you can start a great little herb garden on a window sill or a tiny balcony which can flourish year round and provide you with lovely fresh and flavourful seasoning!

  5. Nancy check out this link – this guy is growing veggies on his apartment balcony. its really interesting ..

  6. I would love to see a feature with tasty, healthy and easy dinner recipe’s you can cook quickly from the store cupboard/freezer, together with any other ideas for making midweek cooking more convenient with a busy job.

  7. I would love to dine at Richard Corrigans establishment would be a real treat. Love his food programmes

  8. I would like to sample the food at Corrigans place

  9. Hi read your article and thought it was great you were asking whats a good way to save monye in a restaurant I think the best way is to skip the bottled water a jug of iced water with lemon is great and theres nothing wrong with our water here in Dublin!! also share a dessert after dinners its really only just to have something sweet and you will find one dessert shared is also more romantic especially if he lets you have the last bite.!!

  10. Hi folks: please remember you’re not supposed to comment twice on this post as all comments are being entered into the draw. I’m going to delete second comments so that you’re all still in with a chance.

  11. we are a family of 7 big irish family (no telly) what i love most with the kids when on holidayis coming in from the beech showering and geyying out thr local produce bread pate oilives cheese peppers grapes whatever the kids can organise and have a very relaxed starter on the balcony

  12. I would love to see a regular ‘back to basics’ article showing people how to make things like pastry, brown bread, buns/cookies, stews, roast chicken etc – its amazing how many people say they can’t cook. These techniques were in the past passed down from mother to daughter/son. As so many mums are now busy with full or part time jobs the basics are no longer passed down so a lot of people would find these techniques very useful especially now that so many are beginning to cook from scratch as ready meals become too expensive.

  13. I would like to see in food magazines features about chefs and their culinary journey- a little bio on how they came to be cooking!

  14. What a great insert. I’d love to see an emphasis on what food means, family meals, feeding friends, hangover food, food as an expression of cultures, local ingredients, imported stuff, anything that makes food the centre of an experience, not just fuel! Also how making meals can be fun, easy and inexpensive.

  15. I am delighted to see a website such as Cheapeats coming out, it couldn’t have come at a better time. And a chance to win the opportunity to eat at the Bentley would certainly satisfy my recession fuelled appetite!!

  16. I really enjoyed the magazine, the recipes were great but one thing I would like to see is the nutrional value esp calories/fat per portion because as well as watching the pennies, many people are also watching the pounds (lbs!) !!

  17. Already a huge fan of Bentleys!

    1 – Would like to see seasonal irish recipes for easily available produce.

    2 – more restaurant reviews outside of Dublin, with a concentration on a particular location each week. Might encourage us to holiday at home more if we can be assured a couple of decent eating places in irish seaside towns or cities

  18. Money saving options might include: close examination of the potatoes/vegetables/sauces which come with main course. Migh tsave you having to order wxpensive side-plates. Have a glass of House Wine before ordering a bottle. House wines are often excellent and reasonably priced. Of course you could order a dessert and depart before it arives without paying but that would be a criminal act and unworthy of a true client of Bentley’s!

  19. I’d like to see quick & easy recipes for seasonal & local foods.

  20. Lots of Ideas for quick healthy meals that can be made out of the fridge, Irish artisan products and the exotica from the veg delivery box!

  21. I would love to see more child friendly eating out options and top class take aways mentioned and perhaps deals they’re running.

  22. Our bestest friend’s daughter (Queen Fiona of Bray) was flown in from London especially to help set up Bentleys on the Green. We believe in the Queen and the wonderful delights she can conjure up, not to mention the value for money @ Bentleys will make you stop and tell strangers on the street.

  23. Would love to see tips and trickshow how to recreate dining out foods in my own kitchen on a budget.

  24. In this current climate, I would like to see featured a recession busting section detailing how to prepare quality recipes using what would normally be the cheaper cuts (shanks, shouders, necks). Additionally, reviews of restaurants that may not normally be considered affordable to the average earner, that are recognising the market has changed and adjusting their price list accordingly, eg, early bird menu, affordable set price menus,etc..

  25. I have eaten in Bentleys and had a wonderful evening, I highly recommend it. I think it would be interesting to have a section in the magazine that would provide
    side-by-side comparisons of kitchen utensils\equipment. For example I would like to buy a food processer. It would be helpful if I knew how they were rated regarding price, quality, performance etc. something akin to the Which? Magazine philosophy of “No advertising, no bias, no hidden agenda”

  26. I am not in a position at the moment to go to Bentleys due to my recent change in circumstances. Have joined the ranks of the unemployed. I would love to treat my Mum to dinner as she has been so good to me over the past while. She loves Richard Corrigan and she herself is a fantastic cook.

  27. Hi, I’d like to enter the contest. In terms of what I’d like to see in a food magazine, I’d love to see food challenges. Like, eating healthy for a month under a certain amount of money, with recipes and ingredient lists. I love trying new recipes and I love challenges, so it’d be really cool to follow a week’s meal plan from a magazine if it were healthy and good value.

  28. What I’d like from an Irish food magazine is things that wouldn’t be feasible for say, an American food blog to provide: Useful local knowledge.
    For example which local restaurants have gotten promising new chefs, interesting new menus, and more appealing price points.

    Similarly what produce is on special offer at what retailers and where has the best quality of certain items.

    It might be a bit specialised, but I’d also love reviews of coffee shops, because finding great coffee is its own reward.

  29. Hi, I would like to see more information from chefs on how the ‘chef’s special’ might translate to home preparation for family dinners.

    additional information on where to obtain special ingredients / foods for those with food allergy problems ( e.g. Wheat free as opposed to just gluten free )

  30. would love to wee more recipes for simply dishes…..

  31. I would like to see a Food as Medicine chapter each publication listing various conditions and what is the best way to eat with input from a professional naturpath/ nutritionist

  32. Tip for saving money=request a glass of wine not a
    bottle of wine.

    Re:food magazine; Would like to see reader’s reviews of
    restaurants they have recently visited.

  33. In America I really liked Saveur Magazine, that seemed to have the balance right.
    More in-depth ethnic recipes is good.
    We’ve intriguing Polish shops all over the place- why not polish /eastern european recipes?

  34. Would like to see recipes featuring wholesome and healthy ingredients for easy to prepare meals.

  35. I’d like to see low cost recipes and tips for cooking on a budget.

  36. i’d like to see a detailed description of all the additives and e numbers in most foods i.e. their purpose/benefits etc

  37. Choose the Biryani dishes when having an Indian-that way you save on paying for the rice!

  38. I love reading about the nutritional benefits of ingredients and the traditional medicinal uses of herbs etc.

    And I would like to know more about how flavours work together – there are some obvious combinations but I remember the day I learned balsamic vinegar and strawberries went well together, oh the good times 😉

  39. I would like to see featured restaurants that offer healthy meals for children (other than chips and nuggets, chips and sausages) and more like Pasta dishes, stews, curries, shepherds pie etc. Great website:)


  40. “I would pick a healthy food option as the sugary foods are more exspensive and are bad to your health.

    I also would be concious of money in times like these. i think you only need to fill yourself and not to overdo it. think of what you need and what you dont. then purchase. we dont have money to be wasting. wake up .
    were in a recession!!!

  41. I would love food mags to give good hints on where to buy ingredients on the cheap – like chorizo in lidl is way cheaper than anywhere else I’ve seen it, and I’d love if I knew somewhere to buy good fresh spinach cheaply.

  42. I’d love a foodie magazine that gives space & imagination to:
    Honest, up to date restaurant reviews (including out of Dublin locations).
    Recipes for favourite dishes from the best Irish restaurants, adapted for the keen amateur chef if necessary.
    Price/quality comparisons of different brands & stores
    Assessment of kitchen gadgets, recommendations of new/fun stuff and tips for buying the best equipment.
    A feature on interesting packed lunches would be useful in these straightened times.
    Of course an occasional blow-out in somewhere as wonderful as Bentleys would also be essential, so recommendations of the best places to go for a treat would also be welcome.

  43. A great food magazine offers inspiration, confidence and choice. I think these three elements could be achieved by including highlights on methods of technique and ingredients so that one knows how and why the dishes taste like they do. Also for each recipe, there should be a suggestions for substitution of ingredients if at all possible and especially for people who need to cater for nut allergies, vegetarians, low-sodium or cholesterol diets, etc, if the recipe calls for something which would normally exclude those groups.

    Moreover,a magazine that keeps an eye on the pulse of the country as it relates to food and drink would be great, whether its seasonal fruits or vegetables, restaurant trends or offers, or the latest popular dish on the menu and how to recreate it.

  44. Top tip , ask for and order your starter and main course to be served at the same time ( except for soups) you’ll have a virual banquet satisfying your hungery eyes with immediate and fulfilling gratificatuion !! you’ll probably won’t want a dessert !! thus saving a few bob

  45. Recipes for cheaper cuts, vegatarian recipes, how to prepare a meal for six people at home because staying in is the new going out!

  46. I would really love to win this prize. I am dieing to try Bentley’s. I hear its the best place to go at the min – costs loads tho.

  47. Fingers crossed for a dinner in Bentleys. That would be a very nice treat indeed!

  48. Hi,

    I would like to see a feature in Food Magazines about how to polietly complain in a restaurant regarding poor service, food etc.


  49. I would like to see more vegetarian recipies and reviews on value for money resturants