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Found! Preserved lemons

Moroccan Tagine with Preserved Lemons

Moroccan Tagine with Preserved Lemons

Our reader Ben commented a while back that he was looking for preserved lemons to use in Moroccan cooking.  I finally found some in Camden Halal on Camden St, a tiny but well-stocked halal shop that also sells the best feta cheese I’ve ever tasted.

Camden Halal sell them loose from their deli counter rather than in jars, and they can be used in tagines and other classic Middle Eastern dishes – get some inspiration here.


  1. ooo Camden Street here I come tomorrow!! I foresee a tagine this weekend, or a lovely recipe I have for a Mioroccan chicken pie I might throw some into!!

  2. Wow, great stuff! Looking forward to it. I found some preserved limes at a shop on Henry St, but they’re a bit strong for a chicken tagine.

  3. ..there’s another two indian shops beside each other just off camden street (heading up towards portobello and behind the spar. the second one (recently moved two doors up) is great…called something spice… the owner is really helpful and knows the combination of spices for a killer vindaloo..he also advises on a scrummy naan bread smothered in ghee butter and sprinkled with coriander…

  4. Is Camden Street in Dublin? Anyone know anywhere in Munster to get preserved lemons? THanks

  5. English Market, Country Kitchen in Nenagh, where exactly?