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Tinned Favourites

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The Guardian’s lovely Word of Mouth blog has an interesting piece on tinned food. Now that we’re all skint, tinned food sales are increasing, and one of the Guardian food writers has provided a menu for a three-course meal based around tinned foods.  I like the sound of the Conchiglie with smoked oyster sauce, but I’ve never noticed smoked oysters in the shops – anyone know where you can get them?

What tins are always in your cupboard? Like the writer of the first Guardian article linked above, I compulsively hoard tinned tomatoes. I also usually have tins of kidney beans as I’m never organised enough to soak the dried ones overnight.


  1. Coconut milk, chickpeas, organic tinned tomatoes, heinz beans.

  2. tinned tomatoes chopped and whole, baked beans, chickpeas, coconut milk, canneloni beans, tuna, sweetcorn, processed peas.

  3. I obsessively hoard tinned food so I never run out of the essentials – tinned chickpeas (when I don’t have the patience to buy them dried), kidney beans, butter beans, sweetcorn, chopped tomatoes, baked beans, condensed milk.

  4. When Aldi or Lidl have coconut milk on offer, I usually buy a tray or two of tins and stock them on the selves.

    I also have tuna (in brine and sunflower oil), red kidney beans, creamed sweetcorn (for making chicken and sweetcorn soup), tomatoes and mushy peas.

  5. In Sainsbury’s in Belfast recently I noticed they do whole meals in a tin. I was foolish enough to purchase tortellini. Am still afraid to open it. Can never have enough tins of tuna or tomatoes though!

  6. Or beans, beans/spaghetti shapes!

  7. Tinned fruit!

    In juice, not syrup- tinned fruit in syrup = disgusting and calorific. This way you can always get some of your five-a-day, and mixed with some yogurt, cream, meringue or ice-crem, you have an instant delicious dessert!

  8. About 50% of my Aldi purchases are kidney beans – a 1/4 of the price of what you get in Dunnes. I usually buy about 10 at a time. Apart from that I always have baked beans, chick peas, tomatoes and right now I have butter beans because Aldi had them last week!