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  1. Yay, it’s local for me. I’ll be definitely adding it to my list of local places. Best cakes in Drumcondra however are in the Botanical Gardens cafe. I’ll have to investigate the cheese pantry now and see if it lives up to the already high standard in Dublin 9

  2. I ate lunch here yesterday and I was really disappointed. When the waitress took our order I asked for an open club sandwich which was supposed to come with panfried potatoes but was told they had no panfried paotatoes, would I like salad or bread instead. I asked if I didn’t take a side would the meal be cheaper, the waitress said she’d knock €1 off the price. Considering the potatoes would normally cost €3.50 on their own I decided to go for the salad. My girlfriend order the healthy breakfast but it was pointed out to her that it said on the menu brunch was only until 3, when we replied it was only 2 o’clock the waitress said they finished serving it a bit early today. These are things we should have been told when we sat down instead of after we had picked what we wanted. Instead my girlfriend went for the warm goat’s cheese salad. Our meals arrived, my sandwich came with tomatoes in it when I had specifically said no tomatoes, and my side salad I had been given instead of the potatoes was just a pile of baby spinach leaves with no dressing or anything on it. The chicken fillet in the sandwich was very greasy and the gristle had not been taken off it. My girlfriend’s salad did not come with pesto or pine nuts, and the goat’s cheese was not warm, even though the menu specified this is what the salad contained. On top of this we also found the waitress to be rude and unprofessional. I can’t understand how somewhere charging €11 for simple lunches like this can make such little effort and such simple mistakes. Running out of potatoes is pretty ridiculous, especially considering there was a tesco a few doors down.
    When we were asked if everything was to our liking I listed all the things that were wrong but we were still charged full price for everything. I won’t be going here again.

  3. I live local and have been in The Cheese Pantry a few times. I was never happy with the attitude of the staff and also the food is a huge let down considering the prices they charge. I didn’t get what I ordered and indeed a guy beside me had to request some items missing off his breakfast. The irish beakfast isn’t bad and a good price but they put the price up after 11 and call it a mixed grill. Shouldn’t a mixed grill be a plate full of chops along with the brekkie goods? Anyway I can get over the food and being out of things but the staff should act like they care as they are getting paid to act so. Anderson’s down the road is far superior. At least they smile as they rip you off . peace 🙂

  4. I live around the corner from Cheese Pantry and this morning I decided to give it another try as the previous attempts have been disappointing (small portions and poor service) Well, all I can say it is still a rip off and service is terrible. My wife and I got 2 breakfasts and 2 orange juices and pot of tea which came to just under €30. Sausages were rubber, toast was burnt and when I asked could I have my eggs scrambled instead of fried I got a very straightforward “no” without the waitress even asking the kitchen!! What the place needs is a bit of personality, most of the staff look like they are working in a morgue and although they have some nice cheeses, wines etc. I certainly wont be back again which is a shame as the area is crying out for a “quality” cafe