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Hunting for Easter Treasure

Lily O'Brien's Milk Chocolate Egg €12.99 for 285g (Photo: Irish Times)

Lily O'Brien's Milk Chocolate Egg €12.99 for 285g (Photo: Irish Times)

For today’s Pricewatch in the Irish Times, Conor Pope sampled five Easter eggs. Lily O’Brien and Ferrero Rocher topped his list.

Last year I enthusiastically bought myself two Easter eggs, both from Cadbury, and had a long-overdue epiphany: most Easter eggs not nice. Overpriced, overpackaged and underwhelming; the current round of special offers on supermarket Easter eggs from Cadbury, Mars, and Nestle seems less like a bargain than a reflection of the chocolate’s true worth.

I really love chocolate but I’m getting increasingly picky. I’ll be interested to tune into Willie’s Chocolate Revolution, running at 8pm on Channel 4 from tomorrow till Thursday. Chocolate connoiseur Willie Harcourt-Cooze (yes, apparantly it is his real name) takes issue with industrially produced chocolate which, he says, is little more of sugar and fat. So, he’s on a two-fold mission to create the world’s finest and purest chocolate bar and to demonstrate the versatilty of chocolate.

I’ll still be sure to find myelf at least one decent Easter egg, or perhaps a Lindt bunny. Have you found any quality eggs at decent prices?

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  1. Butler’s are quite good, but the best are Green and Black’s. Cadbury to me is just no chocolate: sugar, vegetable fat (much cheaper than cocoa butter) and more sugar. Check the cocoa content, the higher it is, the better
    And there is no compromise: good chocolate is not cheap, although Cadbury is not cheap either when you consider that most end up in the bin