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Coffee at Dublin Airport

coffeeI last flew out of Ireland in January, so these coffee prices from Dublin airport may have changed since then. But although prices may have gone up or down slightly, this should still be a reasonable guide to the best value coffees in the Food Hall. For research purposes, myself and my travelling companion drank a lot of coffee and spent the entire flight twitching.

Starbuck’s cost €2.40 for a tall (small), €2.70 for a grande (medium), and €3.00 for a venti (large). Another chain, Cafe Ritazza, was selling a small for €2.50, medium for €2.85, and large for €3.10. McDonald’s coffee comes with the Rainforest Alliance seal of approval, which they say indicates that it has been grown in a sustainable way that helps farmers earn a decent living. It ‘s surprisingly good quality and cost €2.15 for a tall and €2.30 for a grande. O’Briens charge €2.20, €2.60 and €2.85 for a so-so coffee.

A pretty awful cup of coffee in the miserable Eating Place was €2.75. The Real Food Co. offered unlimited refills for €2.50 but the coffee itself came from an industrial machine and tasted of instant. Don’t even think about coffee on the plane.

So, surprisingly, the best value coffees in the Food Hall turned out to be from Starbuck’s, with McDonald’s cheapest in price. I normally avoid Starbucks like the plague but given the general crappiness of the outlets at Dublin airport and the lack of any independent retailers willing to compete on value or price, I think it’s fair enough to give my business to this giant coffee conglomerate.

Or you could skip them all and wait until you’re through the departure gates: Butler’s Chocolate Cafe is oh-so-yummy. I was running for a flight so I didn’t get to check the price but I know that their cafe beats the pants off their competitors for quality.

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  1. Absolutely agree about Butlers – it’s the only place you can get a decent and consistently good coffee – and their croissants are ‘real’ too.