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  1. Eating in Dublin Aiport is a soul-destroying, wallet-wrenching experience. Once you get through security, you’re stuck with a limited amount of choice. DAA clearly just don’t care about the passengers.

  2. when I have to eat in the airport we go to the bar on your left hand side as you go towards Pier C, there’s a bagel bar there and the prices don’t seem too bad – €1.50 for a butter and jam bagel, better than anything else you’ll get there.

  3. Great subject for a blog post; the food in Dublin airport is truly horrendous. I do find O’Briens to be the best option if I’m stuck. I now tend to plan a meal at home around my flight preparations, having been stung paying astronomical prices for a crappy “Full Irish” at the Eating Place. I also try to bring some healthy snacks when I’m flying now.

  4. Liquid lunch in the airport bar (Pier D?).

  5. Ok not strictly cheap but it can work out quite nicely if you aren’t above a little light pilfering. Plebs can get into the Anna Livia lounge for €25 for 3 hours (they don’t really hassle you to leave). The food is a bit non existant – scones, cheese, fruit, crisps, biscuits kinda thing. BUT the booze is FREE and more excitingly SELF SERVICE.
    Yep your very own bar in Dublin airport. The beer comes in cans so is quite portable. They also have water, juices, cheap wine and whiskey, vodka, gin and an ok if terrifying coffee machine with lattes etc.
    It’s very calm and quiet (so prob not ideal if you are heading on your hen or stag do) but if you’ve got a few hours to kill and feel like getting quite drunk it ain’t bad for €25. (they also erratically have specials when it’s only €15 )

  6. Nice one Peter. That sounds pretty good for €25. Thanks for the tip off!

  7. I quite like “The Foodhall” run by HMSHost – just after securtiy turning right and escalators upwards.
    Breakfast (am going usually for the Irish Breakfast or just fried egg with butter toast) and the coffe are fine and the price is ok (remembering you are at the airport and Ryanair will overcharge you much more for everything later in the plane)