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Review: Siam Thai

siam-thai-logoI went for a meal in Siam Thai in Dundrum recently, a chain restaurant which serves, as you would expect, Thai food…but not the kind of Thai food I remember having in Thailand. To say the experience was underwhelming would be to understate things to the point of underminding all credibility. The good news is that it wasn’t a long meal, as my friends and I only had a main course.

We ordered two Green Curries (warned on the menu as being hot hot hot) and one Jungle Curry (only for a madman, says the menu, and I was feeling somewhat devoid of sanity at the time). What came lacked the spice of a Mills and Boon and when we said it to the, admittedly very nice, waitress, she was told by whatever faceless gauleiter she works for to tell us that both dishes were in keeping with European standards of spiciness. You what now? Maybe in the 80s. But there’s been a lot of traveling since then and there are other, better Thai restaurants in this country. Maybe not many, but they’re there, aren’t they?

Because we hadn’t been approached while we were eating by anyone asking us how our meal was, we left it until the end to bring up the matter of the blandness so I fully understand why there might have been a bit of suspicion surrounding our complaint but I’m still annoyed. Because that’s my right. I don’t mind paying €20 for some chicken, vegetables and rice if it’s put together in such a way that it is both pleasing and lightly eye-watering, even when – especially when – I have no clue how it gets to that head-melting state. Most of all, I really hate when menus lie. And when restaurants spout nonsense in respect of such lies.

I had heard quite good things about this place so maybe it was just an off-day or they had their Plan B chef on. Do say, by all means, if it’d be worthwhile giving it another try or, better yet, tell tale of better and better value Thai restaurants.


  1. Hi Maria Crispy! We’ve missed you: great to have you back. Lots of love, Peter 🙂

  2. I was in Siam in Dundrum last weekend and the food was ok but definately not inspiring and can in no way be compared to what you might get in thailand for an absolute fraction of the cost (minus the airfare of course!) The staff were lovely on our visit but one funny thing that stuck out for me was that the menus were unbelievably dog-eared – i won’t mention the ‘R’ word at the start of the long weekend but that made me wonder whether a) they’re so busy the menus get a lot of use or b) they’re not getting as much business anymore and aren’t replacing them as they don’t know how long they’ll be around for – by how full the place was i’m placing my money on option b….

  3. Forgot to say – the best thai i’ve had in Ireland is Khin kao in athlone, definately worth checking out if you’re in that neck of the woods – don’t think that they conform to ‘european standards’ of spiciness…!

  4. I would always request for extra spicy’for the meals ordered in Asian restaurant when the dishes are said to be hot. Just stress that if you want them hot and spicy.

    Because the chef and/or waiter/waitress would have this excuse of ‘European standard of hotness’ up their sleeve when they’re questioned by the customers.

  5. This is a terrible crime against chilli-lovers. This kind of practice can also lead to inadvertent chilli torture as well – you expect the dishes to be blanded down, so you order extra extra spicy and then some place hits you with a curry full of scotch bonnets and your head explodes.

  6. Oh for goodness sake. Surely Irish eaters are not that unworldly as to need their palates patronised in this “European standards” manner?

    Am I wrong? Tell me please.

    I am always scared to get Thai here because I’m generally disappointed in it.

    Saying that, China Szechuan in (old) Kilmacud Road is freakin’ fantastic.

    Good review.

  7. I think everything about Dundrum is over-rated and expensive. I had dinner recently in Siam Thai, Malahide (sister restaurant in Dundrum). The food, the atmosphere and service was all great. They offered an Early Bird for €24.95 for 2 courses. Bar a couple of dishes, you could order anything on the menu (there was no separate menu). Some would say that 24.95 for two courses is expensive but for great food and a good choice, I think it was good value. I would go back just for their Massaman Curry.

  8. I have to say I really enjoyed my experience in Siam Thai Dundrum. I ate there over the weekend and loved it as did my friends. We arrived at 8.30 and had a cocktail upstairs and listened to the band, who were amazing btw. When our table was ready we were brought downstairs which I was a little disappointed as we were really enjoying the music. I asked to move but was told they were booked out and in fairness it was busy, but that they would organise us an area for drinks after our meal if we fancied. We agreed if they could do that it would be great. I had the Thai herb cod, and the green curry which were both tasty, I fully recommend ordering a side of chips to mop up the sauce. Have to say didn’t notice the dog eared menus. These looked pretty new to me. Anyway, we finished our meal downstairs and as promised got a high table upstairs where we finished off our night dancing and singing along with the band which was a little bizzar but everyone was doing it and for some reason works really well here. We’ll defo be back, great night out.

  9. I do think that the Siam Thai is a little on the pricey side, but the dining room in Dundrum is lovely, and I think that the food is excellent.

  10. I have dined in Siam Thai Dundrum many times with my friends. I must say the food is very good quality and the live band are excellent. Service is very good and friendly. Looking forward when I get back from UK to visit again.