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Review: The Place Above L’Gueuleton

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  1. I keep hearing it being called ‘no-name-bar’. Not the most original obviously, but people get where you mean hehe.

    The only place I ever get cocktails anymore is in Capital Bar because they’re all €5 up until midnight. Some of them aren’t the mae-west but for a fiver, I’m not too fussy.

  2. renards have cheap cocktails on a friday night …

  3. I love cocktails but the price here in Ireland causes me grief. I was in Edinburgh recently to visit a friend and 3 of us hit the vodka bars in the city, where you could get an amazing range of great cocktails for about half the price of here.

  4. Is L’Gueuleton doing the food for this place too or is it another crowd, I wonder?

  5. KK – apparently it’s a bloke who used to chef in Gruel. Not sure if he works in L’G during the week though.

  6. It seems like L’Gueuleton are doing the food, there’s some similarities between the menu and they use the same font. I pay way too much attention to fonts in restaurants though.

  7. You can get up to that bar through a door in L’G too, which makes me think they’re both owned and ran by the same people. Assume that includes the food.

  8. My friends and I all refer to that bar as Kelly’s, though none of us knows where that name comes from — certainly it doesn’t say it anywhere.

  9. We have started calling it ‘The Apartment’, again don’t know where it come from. Its kinda quirty.