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Wednesday Wind-down: Pitta Pockets

For a quick and easy meal with guaranteed satisfaction, pitta pockets always hit the spot. I usually use the wholemeal pittas; they’re that little bit healthier and they’re much tastier.

My sister Cathy fills pitta pockets with leftover bolognaise and tops it with some grated cheese and they’re delicious.

If I’m looking for a decent snack, I heat the pittas in the oven and fill them with oven-cooked fish fingers, some slices of cheese, a bit of lettuce, and sauce: tartare or mayonnaise with some black pepper and lemon juice.

Another option is a cheese, tomato and bacon sandwich, omitting the lettuce. Grill some rashers until they’re cooked to your satisfaction. Meanwhile, cut open the pittas open and cover one side with cheese and then slices of fresh tomato. Place the top of the pitta to one side. Put the pitta under the grill until the cheese is bubbling and the tomato has softened. Then put the rashers on top of the filling and cover the pitta with its lid, and grill for just a minute to heat up the lid. Top with black pepper, and maybe some wholegrain mustard mixed with mayonnaise. My mum sometimes adds some finely chopped parsley.

For a slightly more substantial meal, I like to serve this rasher sandwich with some roasted red peppers and a salad. I place the peppers skin-side up under the grill alongside the rashers, and cook until the skin blackens (about 5 minutes). Leave to cool, remove the skin (which you should eat – it’s like a really sweet chargrilled crisp) and cut the pepper. Add the peppers to some lettuce or rocket leaves and a simple dressing: 2 tsps olive oil, 1 tsp balsamic or white wine vinegar, a quarter teaspoon wholegrain mustard, a drop of honey, and one (optional) garlic clove.


  1. Mmmm…pitta pockets. Another really nice thing to do with bolognaise is to add in fresh chopped tomatoes and natural yogurt. And I love greek salad (tomato, cucumber and feta ) in pitta bread.

  2. I use pittas to make super lazy mini pizza bases, on those days i’m not inthe mood to make bread.

    Just top the pitta with sauce, cheese and tasty things and lash into the oven.

    Don’t forget to puncture the pitta first with a knife, otherwise the pockets expand and the toppings all slide off 🙁

  3. I’m currently obsessed with wholemeal pittas filled with a mixture of skinned tomatoes, tobasco, garlic, pine nuts and loads of pepper and then lots of goats cheese, fried lightly in some olive oil. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm