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  1. I have to say I love the bull and castle, the meet is fantasic and the chips chunky and cooked to perfection, real potatoes too! My boyf is another craft brewer and loves the beer too!

  2. Hear hear, on the beer. For a long time I complained about the lack of Irish microbreweries while sipping my generic lager/Guinness, but after doing some research and seeking them out I’ve discovered that there’s actually a decent range, with the enthusiasm and expertise to expand if the market would support them. I’ve started asking pubs and offies about their Irish beers – there isn’t often a great response, but if nothing else it might put the thought into their heads that people would buy if given the option. The couple of summers I spent in America did wonders for my beer education – there are some wonderful breweries in the Maine/New England area where I spent most of my time (Magic Hat, Shipyard, Seadog, and of course Sam Adams) – it opened my eyes. Try new beers, and ask your local about new varities… there’s a world of deliciousness out there.

  3. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Aidan, asking pubs and off licences to stock a better variety of beer is definitely the best strategy, regardless of the response. Many retailers will insist “there’s no demand” so anyone who wants things to get better has to go out and show that there is, it’s them, and they’d like a pint of something better, please.

  4. I’ll Have something BETTER please Bar Person,
    what do you mean Budweiser is the best you have?,

    may i speak to the manager?,

    what do you mean they won’t speak to un-important
    little people like me?

    Right that’s it i’m off to ___________ (insert name of good beer bar/restaurant)

    If education fails

    Vote with your feet

  5. also hear hear for the beer!im just back from a month long beer break in australia and im heartbroken over the lack of decent beers available here apart from a select few places!however o briens off licence near botanic rd do stock a really good range of world and craft beers so the blow has been softened somewhat!