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Tesco reports sales of €3.1bn

tescoirelandThe Irish Times reports today that Tesco are showing a 5.2% increase in sales over the last year. Tesco don’t release their figures for Ireland, but they are Ireland’s largest retailer with 116 shops and 15 petrol stations.  They attribute their success to ‘tight cost control’, although our readers are reporting very different experiences when it comes to Tesco.  Is Tesco’s success down to a squeezing of their suppliers?  What do you think?


  1. a little more worrying to the economy etc is the rumour abounding that tesco are pulling their irish offices and all dealing will be done through the UK. thereby cutting jobs i would presume and taking all power from ireland .. they would then buy all supplies through the UK branches of companies where possible … if this is true its a major blow. i would feel its a reason to boycott tesco myself being honest.
    although i do understand that in the current economic situation customers have to shop where they can afford ..

  2. I read this on the Irish Times website today. All purchasing will now be conducted centrally.

  3. I just saw that too Joanne.

    I just feel its not good for the country.