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M&S Free Cookbook Offer

marks-and-spencers-logoM&S are currently running an offer with their ‘Ingredients’ range – if you buy three items from the range, you get a free M&S cookbook.  The ‘Ingredients’ selection comprises loads of store-cupboard basics, like spices, bags of seeds and baking ingredients such as icing sugar.  They’re pretty reasonably priced, and there’s some very cheap items in the range – you could probably nab your free cookbook for around a fiver.


  1. I purchased the requisite number of spices at the Southport store but could not see how to claim the cookbook. I did not have the time to ask a member of staff.
    Can you please let me know how to proceed?

  2. I work at m&s in the food department, basically you really should have asked a member of staff at the time, but if they werent around then thats not your fault, its theres.

    So just take your reciept with you when you next go in to the customer service desk but the one in your food hall, where youd order any special party food from =], so long as the offer had started, they should give you a cookbook. Thats what we would do at my store anyway. At M&S the customer comes first, so dont be worried to go and speak to the people at the desk or grab a member of staff, and give them feedback even if its really negative, they always want your feedback because if they dont know what you think, it cant be improved, and your the people that shop there =] x