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Spotted at Fresh

fresh-camden-stWandering around town yesterday, I spotted some great value offers in, of all places, Fresh on Camden St:

  • 1/2 kg minced beef – half price at €2.49
  • Sirloin steaks – 0.68kg – €5.43

On the other hand, I saw some ridiculously bad value, such as a Turkey and Vegetable Plaits at €5.49. Worst of all, however, was an ordinary sausage roll priced at… €4.29! We can only assume it contained unicorn meat.

We’ve discussed this here before, but the economy has headed further south since those heady days of February. What are your experiences of Fresh?


  1. I think it is WAY overpriced. Any time I go, a few things in a basket would cost the same as half a trolley full of stuff in Lidl or Aldi!

  2. The one at Northern Cross has a good range of wines, at average prices. It also stocks some organic cleansing products, again at average prices. And best of all…. Rabbit!!! I can order it and they will have it for me at a very keen price.
    Their sandwich bar is good value.
    The rest is just ridiculously expensive, I won’t even consider buying these things, however nice

  3. Given the prices, and the poor range, I’d only ever pop in for a bar of chocolate which is priced the same as any other shop.

  4. My experiences with Fresh have been middling to poor. I always come away wanting it to be better than it actually is in terms of range/quality/price.

  5. ahead of spar or mace. it is a convenience store and they move the queues quickly. not for a weekly shop but handy at lunchtime

  6. Good at lunchtime. There is an offer at present (or there was last week) of a large and delicious ciabatta bread for €1.20 down form €1.75